SMU point spread

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  1. Early numbers show Frogs -18.5.

    Also show Baylor as a two TD dog at Duke.

    Baylor sucks.
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  2. Take the favorites in both.
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  3. It's SMU. At home. I'll take the points.
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  4. I don't give a (Briles) who wins the point spread. SMU makes me nervous, and I just want to beat them. (Bad, if possible)
  5. Their offense is looking pretty damn salty.
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  6. It's SMU, we should (emphasis on SHOULD) win by 20. It's Baylor, Duke will (emphasis on WILL) win by 30.
  7. I'd take the + -18.5........if I had to play it

    Looks like a 41-24 type game
  8. SMU offense much much better than Arky... Not sure some of you have been paying attention
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  9. And their defense is considerably worse, as evidenced by the 424 yards passing they just gave up to UNT. They'll score some points. They'll give up more.
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  10. I'd pump the brakes on "much" better. It's certainly possible they're slightly better. I've been paying attention that they've played SFA and North Texas so everything they've done means nothing. We'll find out if they're good on Saturday.
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  11. Yep. We win by 14, but SMU keeps their Super Bowl close into the 4th quarter.

    As for the Rapists... they fold early and Duke rolls by 40.
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  12. I can be Johnny Rain Cloud sometimes, but I don't like this game at all. It will be 96 degrees so the crowd will be non-existent. I can see us in a dog fight late in this game.
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  13. Guys, we are a ground and pound team now. We win this game 21-10.
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  14. That seems like a bunch of points to lay. It could be closer than the experts think.
  15. Definitely an awful forecast.
  16. SMU makes me nervous. They have a high flying offense and their defense has been good enough to get them to a 2-0 start. I suspect that their defense may even be better than Arky's. The Arky defense wasn't really all that good, and our passing offense was subpar. I think the TCU defense needs to step up for the 3rd game in a row this weekend. I think we really need to bank on the defense all season long. I truly hope we don't need to depend on them to win all games all season long. I'm not saying they are bad at all (they have been nothing short of stellar so far), but they are bound to have at least ONE off game this season. Hopefully that happens against a team that our offense goes off on.

    I guess what I'm saying is, our offense needs to find their feet now and keep it up the rest of the season. Defense is more than sufficient if we can punch it into the endzone on a more regular basis.
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  17. I'm personally more nervous about SMU than I was about Arkansas.
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  18. I think everyone on this thread is right - hSMU is a legit team and this is going to be a lot harder than we would like. Every year we'd like to think we have this and every year SMU makes this a war. Team needs to step up and play better than they did against Arkansas or they'll miss out on all of their goals!
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  19. If we take SMU lightly they'll keep it close into the 4th quarter and we'll all be nervous as hell. Please team, don't take SMU lightly.
  20. Disagree. Good and loud crowd.
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