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  2. I'm not sure we were watching the same OU game last year, or even years prior. They have pretty much scored at will on every drive in which the game was still in question. They had two running backs run for 100 yards against us in the same game even. And I think we only forced 3 or 4 incomplete passes the entire game.
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  3. OU led the Big12 in rushing last year. People forget that as explosive as they are, ultimately they will punish you with a power run game.

    The only reason Collins gave us a spark in that OU game is because we were getting our head stomped in and OU let up.
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  4. OU just has our number these last few years, but I don't think Hurts can replicate what Murray and Baker were able to do. So there's a chance...
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  5. Nobody thought Murray could replicate what Baker had done either...
  6. Bingo. I think by this point you have to expect Riley's offense is going to put up ridiculous offensive numbers until he shows otherwise. And by the way, Hurts looked dramatically improved in his throwing motion and in general in the passing game in the little action he got when Tua was out hurt.

    In terms of how to attack OU, I saw a stat today that they was dead-last in pass defense last year. Who knows if a new coordinator changes that.
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  7. Our problem against OU has primarily been that our offense collapses completely.
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  8. That’s because teams are so far behind they have to throw every down. But their D should be better this year with a new DC
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  9. Kyler was their 2nd-leading rusher and finished with over 1000 yards on the ground. With Hurts’ injury history — and the fact that he’s not anywhere near as fast as Murray — I believe he won’t be the same factor on the ground as KM.
  10. I’d take that bet..Kyler got his yards out of scramble and play breakdowns. Jalen will get a ton of called runs
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  11. We are literally the only team whose offense collapses against OU.
  12. Our offense was in a pretty constant state of near collapse on any given day, so when OU came out and punched us in the mouth, we had to change offensive strategy and weren’t able to cope.
  13. They lose a lot off their O-line. I'm sure they have some good prospects waiting in the wings but I would think for at least a year they'll kind of be in rebuilding mode there and not be quite so dominant. That might affect their offense more than anything.
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  14. yeah......i gotta disagree with you that the offense primarily has been the problem against ou.

    2016 frogs are up 21-7 at the end of the 1st quarter and then we get to the 2nd quarter.

    ou runs 22 plays, gain 255 yards in a quarter, and score 4 td's.

    2017 game 1 ou scores on 6 of their 7 offensive series as they run 37 plays, gain 415 yards, and score 38 points in one of if not the worst defensive ass kicking patterson has ever taken at tcu.

    game 2 frogs are hanging close at half and then ou runs 3 plays in the second half that go for 114 yards and 2 td's (55 and 59 yards)

    2018 1st four ou offensive series they run 31 plays, gain 278 yards, score 28 points and the game is basically over

    tcu's offenses has had its problems, but there is no way the frogs primary problems have been on the offensive side against ou,
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  15. Over those four games TCU gave up .25/points per game more than OU's season average. But TCU scored 2 points less per game than OU had been giving up. So statistically you're wrong.

    Or by yards/game, we held them 55 yards/game below their average. But we gained 37 yards less per game than they were giving up. There is no doubt our offense has performed well below the defense on an equivalent basis.
  16. Just going by the eyeball test though, had our offense been doing a lot better, they might've had 1,000 yards against us. Especially in 2017, GP basically surrendered early on in the 2nd half just so his defense wouldn't give up 90 points.

    No doubt our offense could have been a lot better against them the last few years but I always had the feeling they could score on us pretty much at will when they really needed to.
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  17. I certainly don't disagree that our defense has been mostly garbage against OU. Riley is destroying Patterson in a way Briles could only dream of. But it shouldn't be overlooked just how awful our offense has been against a terribad OU defense.... our offense should be walking it up and down the field on that defense and we have gone long periods without any production. We barely broke 300 yards last year... insanity. The only thing saving our four year stats is the last six minutes of the 2016 game where Taj Williams had two 70+ yard TDs
  18. The offense we ran last year is not too hard for big 12 defensive coords to match.
  19. I think they take a step back on OL and at QB..A step back for them will still probably be the best offense in the league but in a year that should be very competitive I think they drop a couple league games this year.
  20. first, you can't find where i defended the offense. my point was that the offense has not been the primary problem against ou the past few games.

    second, the great thing about stats is you can make them say whatever you want them to say.

    example, in the last 4 seasons against big 12 opponents ( 37 total games) the frogs have outscored opponents on average 28.6 to 24.8 (+3.8)

    take the 5 games against ou out of that average and tcu outscored opponents 28.8 to 22.0 (+6.8)

    the 5 games against ou the frogs have been outscored on average 27.8 to 42.6 (-14,8)

    based on your numbers that frogs offense in the five games against ou the last 4 years have scored on averaged about a point a game versus the big 12, but defensively they have given up a much bigger margin which basically means nothing.

    as wex points out the end numbers get skewed because in the first 2017 game and the 2018 game because they pulled back.

    yes, the offense did disappear in the 2 quarter of the 2016 game, but how does that explain the defense and a 18 point lead disappearing as well.

    additionally, how does the offense explain the tcu defense giving up over 400 yards and 38 points in the first half of the first game in 2017 and 28 points and almost 300 yards in the first quarter of 2018?
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