Prediction Thread: Frogs v Ponies

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  1. SMU covers, Frogs win, Sticky drinks. Give me the under.

  2. Aggie thread to the left.
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Frogs win 61-58. We rush the field, make towels, and hang our programs hat on this victory! Go Frogs!!!
  5. Patterson uses all of the Morris 1984 3-0 talk to help motivate. Frogs roll 52-10
  6. I predict more post-game whining and tears from Eric Dickerson.
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  7. I predict the band dresses like Mr. Peppermint.
  8. Love when he complains about their program acting like he isn't one of the reasons they have sucked for so long
  9. hopefully their band doesn't drop grass seed in the shape of "SMU" in the middle of the field again. A great prank though.
  10. Frogs 43
    Pony 10
  11. [​IMG]

    TCU 41-13 over CJK5H's Ponies
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    I predict at least 10 of the 50 Smew fans in attendance will be wearing button downs with ties, shorts, and loafers.
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  13. 42-23

    Still no FGs attempted by Song & Co
  14. Frogs 48 smu 17
  15. 255-0.

    At half time.
  16. DFW White People Bragging rights to TCU 36 - 24
  17. Frogs 44-10 pink & aqua popped collars
  18. 45-15 TCU win. Reagor and Sewo go beast mode this game. Hill plays well
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  19. Patterson and Frogs surprise the crowd.

    TCU wins the toss and elects to receive.

    Frogs romp from there. 56 to 10.

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