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Prediction Thread: Frogs v Ponies

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. It's time to get this week's thread going. The frogs are not looking ahead to OSU and thus in the end wear down the ponies.

    Frogs 38, Ponies 17
  2. Not sure their offense has been tested by a an even remotely competent defense yet. Not sure our defense has been tested by an even remotely competent offense yet. End result is some uncertainty on the score. The result isn't in question for me though. I'll go with 44-24 Frogs.
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  3. I think we will start off in ball control mode again and at half score will be 21-7 frogs. Q3 we will open up a bit to get some live fire "practice" running the higher octane side of our O. End Q 3 score is 42-17. Q4 back to ball control and GP sets the FWSA-Fort Worth Sack Exchange (saw this suggestion for nickname in another thread) loose as the ponies are trying desperately to catch up and dropping back to pass nearly every play, we end up winning it 52-24.
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  4. TCU 38 SMU 17
  5. TCU 45
    SMU 10

    TCU opens up the play calling a little more to see where it's at going into a possible shootout next week. TCU defense continues to roll.
  6. Frogs 59 - little prancing ponies 3
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  7. Frogs 38
    Ponies 10

    Game is close the first half, but then we take control in the second.
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  8. 100 percent chance of the SMU band annoying the heck out of everyone in attendance

    Score 40 to 21 Frogs
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  9. Speaking of attendance...... I also predict that there are approximately 17 fans still in the stadium when the game ends.
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  10. 34-20 frogs. Coming off an emotional road game, they'll be playing their hardest, and we have another big road game the following week. Hope I'm wrong
  11. 45 to 17 Frogs
  12. I think that GP got the taste of ball control in his mouth now. I am confident he will be encouraging Cumbie to work quite a bit of running into the gameplan.

    If the offense can move the ball on the ground, that allows the defense to stay super fresh and keeps guys like James Washington and Baker Mayfield off the field.

    Look for a bunch of RTDB and GP wanting to keep SMU's snaps under 60 - which will be the recipe going into Stillwater.

    TCU - 31
    SMU - 10
  13. 27-17 snoozefest.
  14. TCU 41
    My Little Pony 14
  15. SMOO - 24
    TCU - 44

    SMOO hangs around beyond halftime, but the Frogs pull away in the 4th.
  16. Run the damn ball, control the clock, corners turn their heads around on deep balls, and reagor uses two hands this time. Frogs wear down their defense and open up a tight game late, while cumbie slowly lets kenny open it up more before a trip to Stillwater.

    Craig James watches somewhere with two hookers and goes all Patrick Bateman on them by the end of the third quarter.

    Many ignore the call to wear white and the stadium looks awkwardly checkered.

    Score looks something like 42-20
  17. Frogs caught looking forward. Fans spend majority of time in the concourses. Ponies stun Frogs out of the gate and jump to a 14-0 lead. Game becomes a shoot-out with Frogs coming back frantically to take a late 4Q lead before SMU kicks a game winning 45-yard field goal to win 45-43. The FG is set up by a 40 yard wheel route completion to a RB.
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  18. How many Hill ints?
  19. Very detailed..
  20. Two weeks in a row, two losses predicted.

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