Prediction Thread: Frogs v Ponies

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    I have no prediction on attendance, but I predict there will be a thread complaining about it. It's gonna be hot and it's family weekend. If and when TCU has it under control those parents are bolting for the restaurants.

    Are you often motivated by anything that happened 15 years before you were born?

  2. Worked before!
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  3. TCU - more
    SMU - less

    I will also make a prediction on the game later.
  4. TCU wins 49-14.
    7 sacks for our defense
    Still no field goal attempts for our kicker. We miss a big kick in Stillwater the following week. Go frogs
  5. What he said.
  6. Somebody's got to counter this KFC groupthink. I don't even have to watch this week's game to form my prediction for next week. Probably gonna have something to do with the road construction projects in Paul's Valley and Purcell and fried pies at Exit 51.
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  7. Happy with a W and no injuries. Elated with a big W, resting starters in the 4th, not showing the whole playbook before OSU, and our D showing a similar performance to last week. Our OL smothers their DL, but Sutton will bust for 2-3 big plays.

    Prediction: 42-20 Frogs.

    Looking forward to seeing our secondary. Hoping they're good, because OSU is going to target them all day.
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  8. I think we win on the backs of our defense after shooting our selves in the foot again on offense. We run ball control to end the game.

    TCU 35
    SMU 20
  9. Frogs - 45
    Mustang Sally - 13

    Jet Anderson breaks 200 yds
    Big play Ray has another pick 6
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  10. I'll take a shot at this not being in the metroplex and not knowing too much about Southern Methodist yet. It's a tuneup game before the Big 12 schedule and it's a rivalry game too. By the way can't wait til this winter to see the basketball game between the two schools. That should be big. But this game is big now TCU climbing in the polls and it is win or go home each and every week if your goal is the win the national championship. Back to this Saturday, more of the same. Run, run, run. Pass the ball around 10 yards and 15, deep balls and rollout zips for 7 yards. Draws and screens will score from anywhere. Defense defense defense. Just hold them off make them run the ball. I see quite a bit of the 3-2-6 Love our cover team on the kicks, can't wait to see a 3 pointer sail thru the goal post. Frogs 45 Prancing Ponies 17
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  11. Frogs something like 45-17

    We get a FG
    Sutton has a few big plays
    We turn it over once
  12. 63-27 Frogs

    Gary won't let off the gas as long as Morris keeps slinging it.

    4th quarter will be another Sean Robinson highlight reel.
  13. 42-21 good guys
  14. Glad the Frogs proved me wrong on last week's prediction.

    I love how short the memories are of the games the last two years, especially two years ago when Smew mounted a furious comeback that was barely thwarted by an anemic defense in the end. Appalling. And who can forget last year when we only showed up for one half of the game? Pretty sure most posters on KFC were referring to both of those games as "wins that feel like a loss."

    This week I shall predict another win that feels like a loss. Defensive secondary exposed by another Heisman candidate QB.

    Prove me wrong again, men.
  15. It'll probably go the way pretty much every SMU game has for about the last decade. They will come out pumped up and ready for their Super Bowl. We won't match their intensity for awhile. It'll be a close game at halftime. It will stay close until late in the second half, and we'll hopefully pull away.

    TCU 38
    SMU 24
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  17. I think SMU will score early(hopefully just a FG), maybe a blown coverage but it will be Patterson feeling out their offense and will lock it down soon after.

    Our offense rolls, I see the running game winning it for us.

    Hoping to see us open up the passing game more.

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