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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Nov 20, 2020.

  1. Not having to watch TCU play today has allowed me to watch actual offensive performances.
  2. At least they played and aren't one of those teams that has one positive cancel a game.
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  3. Most or our performances have been offensive.
  4. UCF hanging around. 36-33 Cincy with 4:37 left.
  5. Makes you realize how routine completing a 10-15 yard pass can be.
  6. Yeah this is what infuriates me the most I think...Tcu goes out and it looks like they either have absolutely zero idea what they’re doing or that they make it look so ridiculously difficult to do ANYTHING remotely competently.

    This offense truly does look like Randy Quaid’s Days of Thunder quote about two monkeys and a football.
  7. Cincinnati almost gave it away on the last play of the game. What the hell was the center thinking??
  8. Holly Rowe is hot.
  9. I personally think the offense has stunk since the first game of 2016. I know someone will come on here and make the case for Kenny Hill and 2017 but IMO that unit was very average. It’s incredible that the same cast of characters is around running things on that side of the ball. Coaching malfeasance on the part of GP, i mean it’s a LONG time since we had a good offense
  10. Not sure if serious.
  11. Can’t believe they called that an INT in the bedlam game. Terrible non-reversal.
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  12. OU is prison raping OSU right now.
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  13. 44 on OU is a dumbass. That's like break checking someone in front of a cop.
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  14. Total scheissing idiot.
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  15. washington just completed back to back passes to a tight end down the field and neither was a screen

    pretty revolutionary
  16. I agree with Herbie. I just wouldn't play that dumbass anymore.
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  17. okay joe namath
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  18. Williams is a sick corner.
  19. He shouldn't be playing if he's sick.
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  20. "Bartender, I'll have what he's having..."

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