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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Nov 20, 2020.

  1. watching the washington defense is making me sad

    remember when the frogs tackled that well
  2. What is this"tight end" you speak of?
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  3. Sanders is terrible
  4. They should have stuck with the backup.
  5. This IS the backup.
  6. He isn't playing.
  7. So I’m drunk ish
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  8. I'm headed that way myself. Sanders got dinged up early in the game by the way (concussion?).
  9. Utah playing their first game of the year tonight. BYU is 9-0. So weird.
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  10. Casey Pachall?
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  12. Backup freshman QB is moving the ball for OSU. Drags an anchor when he run but has a nice arm.
  13. Innis-whatever? I quit watching and went to get more wine. I saw him drive OSU to a score and figured they might have a chance.

    OU looked to have them beat in every facet of the game early on.
  14. curious which big ten coach is feeling the most heat out of scott frost, james franklin, or jim harbaugh?
  15. At a normal school it’s Harbaugh but I assume Michigan will never fire him
  16. Gotta be Harbaugh. But he's, all of them are.
  17. he never won a national title for michigan as frost did for the huskies
  18. damn washington's defensive players are so well coached in technique and tackling

    this was the frogs defense at one time
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  19. someone needs to check if sumlin is packing a couple of flasks on him tonight

    az through 3 quarters has 62 total yards and 4 first downs

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