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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Nov 20, 2020.

  1. I agree it was a bad call, just pointing out that it wasn't the "phantom call" that it appeared to be from the original angle posted in the tweet.

    I'm a homer for the U of M, but there was also a bad call on the previous Purdue drive that let them extend a TD drive versus attempting a FG.

    I hate when officiating plays such a big role in the outcome...
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  2. Thank goodness. I'm sure I picked that one wrong in @jugbandxmas picks thread.
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  3. SO, the defense of the ref was "the TE was pushing off with one arm." O.K. Was such a standard maintained throughout the game? How many times was OPI called?

    I remember being outraged at our very first play from scrimmage in the BIGXII, against Iowa St. They called up a deep ball to the wideout on the right side who, at the snap, pushed our DB off with both hands, arms fully extended, not 10 feet from the ref covering that side of the play. No call. That same crew (Randy Christal's gang of thieves) would go on to screw us out of that game, and the Rape U. game two years later.
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  4. Well not with our coaching they wouldn’t, that’s for sure.
  5. Haha. Yeah. The Clemson players are calling out FSU.

    I actually liked FSU to cover the spread
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  6. Watching 0-6 Vanderbilt. We would get absolutely smoked by them.

    I can't believe I just said that.
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  7. Indiana’s defense is legit. Their offense, not so much
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    Ohio State and Indiana have great defenses. Indiana offense is good but Ohio State has some athletes on defense.

    Indiana is real good. Ohio State is really good. Both deserve their rankings.
  9. Huge throw by Indiana to OSU 2. See they have a great O.
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  10. TD IU! OSU 7 - IU 7.
  11. Anyone else find the name “Master Teaque” repeated over and over annoying?
  12. I’ve been following Indiana since that video of the coach talking to his team after the PSU win. Their coach is inspiring and their players have really bought in. Refreshing
  13. IU has great blitz packages on defense.
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    Fields is special, he can run and bounce defenders off him. Max could play similar to him if the OL could protect Max.

    OSU 21 - IU 7

    The running game is going to wear down this IU defense in the later quarters (which may make this a blowout even though both teams are really good, OSU is just elite athletic). And Fields can throw too, but when he is throwing INTs the offensive line is stepping up and their blocking is creating yards for the running game.

    IU QBs accuracy, OL pass blocking, and WRs being able to get space is keeping them in the game.

    IU was about to score and fumbled at the OSU 2. They would of made this a closer game if that did not happen. IU is playing great, OSU is elite and getting some great breaks...also getting comfortable with the speed and strength and the IU game plan.
  15. Does the umpire get credited for a forced fumble?
  16. Username checks out
  17. No we wouldn't.
  18. Mrs Pharm just noticed that BU is 1-5. She said that means it’s been a pretty good season so far. So proud of her.
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  19. Almost as dumb as the teams having to wear masks during the game.

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