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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Nov 20, 2020.

  1. Watching New Mexico @ Air Force. Even Lobos have a better OL than we do.

    Also, why don't we have a power run game like Air Force. They up 21 - 0, all three rushing touchdowns.
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  2. Phantom offensive pass interference against Purdue costs them the go ahead touchdown in waning seconds at Minnesota. Brohm is chewing zebra arse big time. Don't blame him. Ridiculous.
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  3. That is the crazy thing even below average OLs on G5 teams are playing better than TCUs high talent OL (who are playing a little better but still look lost against good teams). It is all about coaching and our S&C coaches did a real poor job in getting our team ready to be physical and relentless. TCUs strength and athleticism on the line OL and DL has been no good. They can't be physical and bring the game to the competition because they are not strong enough.

  4. Dude who threw it should never work another game.
  5. Nothing wrong at all with how our DL is playing. And most of them are freshmen too.
  6. From the end zone view, the QB appears to have learned to throw from Uncle Rico.
  7. Our OL isn’t great but do you really believe those average G5 OL’s would look as good in the Big 12? Perspective is important.
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  8. Can he catch his own passes too?
  9. Somebody needs to check that ref's bank account. He got paid to do that. Had to have.
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    Sun Belt Conference did just fine, even a 3-5 Arkansas State team. We see teams like Kent State have success or other teams with backup QBs have success because they can give the QB time in the pocket. I will say TCU has done better, but against good teams TCU can't hide the bad form, or lack of discipline on each play, or mental mistakes. The OL can't hide if they are not strong enough or can't be physical enough. We saw that against every good team, we saw that against WVU.
  11. I thought it was horrible and a gift when I saw that view.

    Later they showed a side view where you could see the receiver extend his arm to get separation. Totally blocked from the angle you see there.

    I think it was still a weak call but when you see it from the side it's not a phantom call. After the still here, he extends his arm fully to get separation. The official was 90 degrees from this, which probably made it look worse. 20201121_040452.jpg
  12. I agree with you but the official waited an eternity to throw that flag. It is either OPI or not OPI but it’s not OPI because he caught the pass. Weak and delayed call.
  13. Even with our weaker O Line we scored six more points than UNM did.
  14. Could not begin to suggest how to fix the problem overall, unless intensive additional training might be required, but you see game after game now affected by zebras that seemed compelled somehow to affect games late. In my mind Tech was absolutely led towards victory against Baylor last week with three tickytac calls late. People are so accustomed to it now that it hardly bears mention anymore.
  15. Just so I’m clear, you believe we would be a better team if we replaced our OL with New Mexico’s offensive line? Or Kent State’s?
  16. But it was baylor so it’s ok.
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  17. 2020 gonna 2020.
  18. No, because its not the players its the TCU off season into the season preparation and coaching. TCUs players are WAY better than Kent State and New Mexico's athletes.
  19. Guessing FSU didn’t want to be the punching bag as a 30.5 point underdog
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  20. @froginmn - I saw that, too. But c'mon. It's two guys playing handsies. Guys get away with that stuff on every play. Every friggin play.

    They review play after play after play and then a game swings on a horrible horrible over officious jerk call.

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