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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Nov 20, 2020.

  1. I find Gus Johnson annoying, so just hearing him say anything is awful.
  2. Yeah. I am so glad I don’t have to hear him when the Frogs play
  3. Thank goodness there was a orgy and 10 players had to go get tested.
  4. Is he related to the Master Cylinder?
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  5. Ohio State's coach got greedy and didn't take the field goal. Hope they lose.
  6. What a great game IU vs OSU.
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  7. Yeah, I didn't get that AT ALL.
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  8. Defense saved him.
  9. SMU vs TCU should be like IU vs OSU where SMU only wins about every 26th year. But for the most part because TCUs talent and athletic ability TCU is too much for SMU.
  10. Why doesn't IU do the wheel route it works all the time versus TCU?
  11. I don’t remember what evening it was this week but I called Father of Pharm and he told me he was watching Tulane v Tulsa. I told him I could save him some time because Tulsa would fall behind big before coming back to win late. He said that Tulane had just missed a short FG attempt.

    When I saw the reporting about the game the next day I sent him a text (because he literally hates texting) that said: “Told you Tulsa would win in a comeback.” Didn’t hear back from him and wasn’t expecting to because I’ve only received two texts from him ever and both were one word texts: “no”. Until this morning at 4:25am....he texted, “just like roller derby”. There might only be 4-5 people on this board that would get that reference.
  12. Iowa State and Kansas State have all day to throw. Both offensive lines do a great job protecting their quarterbacks. And both of their lines do a great job run blocking. TCU has better talent than these guys on the offensive line. It just makes you upset knowing if TCU had a real OL coach TCU could beat both these teams IMO.
  13. Maybe we don't have better talent than them.
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  14. i believe TCU is 16-3 this century against SMU. That is pretty good.
  15. I believe experience...that does matter. Chemistry...that does matter. But looking at their offensive lines it sure looks like TCU does have the guys, seems to me TCU isn't doing the coaching or didn't prepare in the off season like top schools do to get ready for the season.
  16. That is. Want to see no matter how good SMU gets TCU is the superior team. IU is good this season. IU deserves their ranking but Ohio State's talent is just too much. Just an observation on how I would like to see TCU to be against SMU for centuries to come.
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    That's a nice throw and a really good td catch by Iowa State. Cyclones up 21-0 on K-State.

    Edit- Iowa State having their way with K-State, 35-0 with a minute left in the first half.
  18. Iowa State is winning versus Kansas State like how I like TCU to win. I love no stress or heart attack games. I love it when TCU just dominates.

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