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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Ford vs Ferrari is worth the trip
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  2. Just watched 11.22.63 series on Hulu.
    Thought it was pretty good.
    Has anyone else seen it?
  3. Assumption correct.
  4. Watched it last night. Give it a solid 7/10. Entertaining but the Ford guys were painfully predictable stereotypes. Also thought Matt Damon probably wasn't the perfect choice. He's good in virtually everything, so it was fine, but not the perfect choice. Bale was remarkable as always
  5. agree it was an enjoyable movie for me, but it is also a subject i have an interest.

    if you read the book you will see the ford guys really were that much of a stereotype as they truly had no idea what they were getting into or for that matter doing in designing race cars from the ground up and it really is amazing any drvers survived in those race cars from the 50's, 60's, and 70's

    i agree that matt damon just could not pull off shelby and the obvious choice was mcconaughey
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  6. I really enjoyed it.
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  7. New season of Narcos Mexico is far and away better than last season’s.
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  8. Last season of Narcos Mexico was amazing and way better than all 3 seasons of the original Narcos. I’m about to start episode 5 of season 2 of Narcos Mexico. It’s good so far but I haven’t seen anything yet that makes it better than last season.
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    Story just moves far better for me. Last season was a complete grind, even stopped watching for a few months until I came back to it. This season has binged by.

    But I’ve also read a book about all these dudes and the formation of all the cartels so I like seeing each interact with the others and whatnot and that’s what I’m getting this season.
  10. Seen earlier today, new film based on C.S. Forester's The Good Shepherd...

  11. I’m watching “The Son” on Hulu right now. On episode 7.

    It’s good so far. About a man and his family in early/semi-early Texas. Pierce Brosnan is the lead.
  12. Had a lot of flights this week and caught two movies:

    Zombieland 2 -- solid B. Not as good as the first but very solid.

    Parasite -- A. I get why it won best picture, but probably didn't think it was as good as most people.

    Jojo Rabbit -- A- or B+. Good, not great.

    I've seen all the Best Picture nominees except 1917 and Little Women. I'd probably choose OUATIH personally.

    Other side note -- I'm loving this season of BCS. They definitely slowed played the series too much in the beginning with Chuck, this season should have been season 4 in my opinion, but I'm really liking it S5 so far.
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  13. I caught Zombieland 2 and Blackkklansman on flights last weekend. Liked both. Started and gave up quickly on both Jojo Rabbit and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Both required WAY more attention than I was willing to give them.
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  14. I’ll watch it.
  15. I just heard Todd Snider's song Ballad of the Kingsman. Thought you may need to know that going into your weekend.
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  16. Had several flights the last few weeks. Here's the rundown of movies:

    Jojo Rabbit - Awesome. Instantly one of my favorite movies.

    Joker - JP was amazing. High quality flick.

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Pitt was great. Not sure why he was listed as the supporting actor. Overall, average with a really good ending.

    Mr Rogers or whatever it's called - Solid

    A Quiet Place - Held my attention fornthe entire time. Looking forward to the sequel.
  17. Too much CGI now. Some of it is terrible...newer games usually look at least this good.
  18. Forgot just how much it pissed me off after sitting through Midway that they dedicate the film to the American and Japanese soldiers who fought in the battle. I know we’re all friends now, but a lot of those Japanese guys were at Pearl, too. scheiss ‘em.
  19. Still haven't seen 1917.
  20. I rate it very good, seemed realistic.

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