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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Agree completely. Bale was terrific, the always dependable Damon was miscast. Saw it twice. Even better was a documentary (can't recall the name) on Netflix or Amazon (can't remember which) that was more technical and went into much greater detail about the cars and men.
    I'm not a big car guy and wasn't excited about this movie but was very pleasantly surprised.
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  2. LOVED JoJo. Amazing how that movie could swing from humorous to poignant so quickly. Also amazed me at how often it made me ponder the lives some lived back then.
  3. What gets me when in Germany is speaking to people and the odds are good their ancestors or living relatives were Nazis. I’m always reminded of it when watching a Nazi based movie. Obviously not all Nazis were Hitler/terrible but still. What a legacy for generations
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  4. two things, first as you mention not every german was a nazi and a fair number went along for fear of reprisal. that is something they had to live with, but they are far from the only country in europe that has to life with such a legacy.

    stalin's russia at times was equally as brutal and we aren't quite sure of the number of individuals killed by stalin's regime because we don't have access to the records.

    i would suggest the book dynamo about the soccer club dynamo kiev if you want to get the perspective of jews who lived under the reign of the nazi's and stalin's russia
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  5. Anyone seen War of the Worlds on EPIX? I’m 4 episodes in and don’t know what to think. I like the slow pace, but I also want answers.
  6. Episode five provides all of the answers.
  7. I kinda feel like Admiral Ackbar right now...
  8. Watched 6 Underground on Netflix last night. Surprisingly entertaining. LOTS of action. Super cheesy writing in parts but overall not bad. Worth a watch if just looking for mind numbing entertainment.
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  9. Took my son to see Onward today, it was good. Certainly not one of their best, but worth the price of a movie ticket.
  10. Alright, so I watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood today and this might be an unpopular take, but what a massively overrated movie.

    The ending was decent but getting there, what a beating.
  11. Couldn’t make it 30 minutes.
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  12. Such a grind. At the hour mark I thought of erasing it but soldiered on.
  13. It definitely was not a good movie in the traditional sense where you are just exhilarated by the storyline the entire time. It was well-acted and the characters were intriguing though. And then the end was pretty cool.

    If I’m being completely honest, I kind of felt like maybe I missed some deeper meaning or something.
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  14. It created an opportunity for Hollywood to tell us to be better humans, like they are.
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  15. I was watching Moonraker yesterday (my least favorite Bond movie).

    I remember thinking as a kid that it was a ridiculous premise for some rich guy to have his own private space program

  16. I watched the trilogy last weekend of:


    Did not realise that it was based on a DC comic book series. All three movies had their moments.

    Not a bad rainy day series.
  17. TCM channel has continued to kill it this week.

    Watched old bio-pics about Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, and Jackie Robinson.
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  18. Watched the platform on netflix. Has good IMDB and rotten tomatoes ratings, but the girlfriend and I did not like it. It's gory and gross, but very very unique. I dont regret watching but will not watch again ever.
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  19. Ahhh, but Lois Chiles as Holly Goodhead.....
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  20. I believe Mao killed more people than Hitler and Stalin together and Stalin had more people killed than Hitler.
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