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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Even better for me the second time around when I finally understood it!
  2. Bumped for Oscars... overall a really good year for movie watching.
  3. It blows my mind that the Joker, you know the comic book bad guy that dresses like a clown, is now only the second character to win an Oscar for two different actors. The other is Vito Corleone.
  4. Good old Joaquin the Joker still needs therapy after listening to his rambling acceptance mantra on the ills of the world.

    Then the guy comes on out of nowhere saying the theater was on the site of three Indian Tribes. Complain to Spain for crying out loud, they tool over California.

    Then the bald chick quoting Marx saying no one will be free until workers of the world unite.

    It goes on and on in the Most disconnected place in the country...
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  5. Not sure that I’m on board with the same movie winning both Best Movie and Best International (foreign) movie.
  6. I thought the phone number was BR549...
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  7. Yea I agree it’s odd. Haven’t seen it yet and guessing it’s good. Maybe the class warfare theme triggered Hollywood to spotlight it.
  8. fair question as to why do you have a category for foreign films, but not one for domestic films only.

    not sure if i really saw a movie that we felt was great this year.

    in all honesty a few felt like i had seen the very same movie done by the same director before or the movie was just a new version of a story told multiple times before.
  9. I went to a theater exactly once all of last year. While the film I watched was pretty good, the experience was not so much.

    Mrs. Brewingfrog got 'Bohemian Rhapsody' to watch the other night. Of the actors, I thought the guy playing Brian May did the best job. The guy doing Freddy just looked like somebody who couldn't figure out how to talk with goofy fake teeth in the way...

    Now, get off my lawn!
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  10. Has anyone seen Parasite?
  11. No but my 90 year old mom saw it at Modern art museum with a friend and walked out when the violence started. I won’t judge based on that however.
  12. I hosted one from a local lake once.
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  13. I saw a similar movie by the same director years ago called The Host. He also did Snowpiercer, a dystopian “hunger games on a train” movie with Chris Evans that was a fun watch. He’s a good storyteller, but weird. I’m sure I’ll see parasite at some point. Can’t imagine it’s really best picture worthy.
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  14. i liked snowpiercer and thought it was unique story with an interesting twist about what powers the train and what kept the 'ecosystem" of the train in balance.
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  15. Hopefully not up fire hose!
  16. No area code
  17. I actually liked The Host even if a chick flick.
  18. Yes and know a lot of people who have. Perhaps 2-3 pages back there is a discussion on it and other nominated movies. I thought it worthy of being best picture nominated for sure.
  19. I loved “Once upon a Time in Hollywood” being a movie buff a complete work includes the details tha are the story, acting, score, costumes, cinematography, etc. This movie had all this. I think Tarantino’s take on an alternative ending to the Manson murders was sad and poignant.
    Fashion from the 60s was not a good look for every woman. If you can pull it off it looks amazing and Margot Robbie pulls it off.
    I was rooting for Tarantino.
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  20. Subtitles I assume?

    May have to see it...

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