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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. So Hitler wasn’t a bad guy.
  2. I don’t believe I even insinuated that. I just find it interesting that statistically, he may not be the worst.
  3. The Battered Badtards of Baseball. Unbelievable story.
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  4. Watching Slumdog Millionaire. Forgot how much I loved this movie. Jamal's brother looks like Elliott Barzilli.
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  5. Hitler is asshoe. scheiss Hitler.
  6. Watched the Mr. Rogers movie tonight... pretty good.

    The Gentlemen still remains my favorite of what I've seen recently.
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  7. I like everything that main character actor is in.
  8. Dev Patel, I think is his name. He was great in Lion as well.
  9. I still need to catch the last 30 minutes of Mr. Rogers.
  10. Yesterday was good the second time...
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  11. Excellent in The Newsroom too.
  12. Remember the RUDY episode
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  13. Someone had suggested Succession on HBO. Good call.
    Pretty edgy stuff with humor along the lines of Arrested Development or a rougher Curb your Enthusiasm. Good storyline.
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    Angel Has Fallen dropped today on Netflix. Third in the “Fallen” series (Olympus has fallen, London has fallen). Solid action flicks. Watched The Foreigner the other night. Jackie Chan’s daughter is killed by an IRA bomb and he takes revenge on Pierce Brosnan. Not terrible, but seemed a tad rushed in places, almost in a “made for TV” way. Still, decent enough late night fare.
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Another great western
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  17. I watched it, too. I don’t regret watching, wasn’t bad. Good time killer. Nothing amazing.
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  18. If you need a good laugh in these troubled times, check out... 'Derry Girls' streaming on Netflix. Two seasons, 12 episodes, very funny.
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