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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. Haha. I was the one recording the video. One of my favorite nights ever.
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  2. Lynn again


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  3. Small world. Probably bumped into you a few times but my memory fades in and out when the game clock hit 00:00.
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  4. You can believe what you want. I don't view that as "coaxing".
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  5. I’m pretty sure a guy like Dylan didn’t just say “what.” And I’m positive it took more than one act if playing dumb on his part to get Gary to say the full word.
  6. I appreciate the content but IMO if you are an active player these Twitter tête-à-têtes need to stop IMMEDIATELY.
  7. And when someone offers up a first hand account of that I'll agree with you.
  8. What if you’re singing along to Dynamite Hack?

    ....asking for a friend.....


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  9. Here is what I’ve just been told by a former player that got the first hand account from what happened yesterday. (I know how that sounds, but you know none of those guys are talking to media so we’ll use the sources we can get; but this is a very trusted source with ties to the current roster... all I’ll say).

    Dylan was upset during a meeting where they were handing out awards and he didn’t receive one. Apparently he’s been given a lot of chances to become part of the team and things haven’t been going well. So, when he didn’t get recognized he blew up and the position coach kicked him out of the meeting. Coach P caught wind of this and that is what caused the confrontation (no one has even brought up the GF thing that we’ve talked to, not saying that wasn’t discussed, but...). Coach warned him of his behavior in a typical Coach P way and during the ensuing discussion his locker room antics were brought up which led to coach having to spell it out for Dylan.

    Now, the issue with the team came the next day when Patterson addresses it at the team meeting. His mistake? Actually telling his team what was said verbatim. Obviously there were several that felt he shouldn’t have said the word in that context, but it was said.
  10. Can’t wait for Muck’s article on this.
  11. Well, looks like he was giving them an explanation, likely to set the record straight, when he quoted the word. Obviously no racist intent. And he should not have had to set the record straight, unless someone was telling teammates the incorrect version.
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  12. muck can eat a green slimey ...
  13. Sounds like they are planning to kneel during the Anthem or paint some blm org logo.
    Starting to look like some folks were up to something on all of this ...
  14. Good grief. Stop.
  15. JC needs to get a sales force that is more aware of the world.
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  16. So Marcel Brooks just went on Instagram and dropped that Dylan is "just mad because I'm here to take his spot". Which is hysterical on multiple levels but especially because Dylan's spot wasn't safety. I'm looking at you @WyomingFrog.
  17. I think that you and BrewingFrog or whatever his name is should sit this one out. I’m surprised that LVH actually had a semi muted response. Cmon there are recruits and news networks probably scouring these sites for tidbits. Be better
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  18. based upon lvh's posting history here i would guess 10 minutes of work on one of his better days so to speak
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  19. I want to point out that I received a 12 hour Twitter ban for my posts defending Coach Patterson. I do not think any of my posts crossed any kind of line and were rather tame. I wonder if any of those involved in the mob that were attacking my tweets got a ban as well.
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