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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. anyone know what it is about? Seems like it could blow up on us.
  2. He is not the only one posting that. EDIT: Two other players deleted their tweets.
  3. claims it seems that someone, can presume it was gary, who used a certain hot button word in front of the players.

    i am not on twitter so i have no idea who has commented, liked, disliked etc...

    my one question to niko is why now? it seems he has had an ax to grind about things in the program, has lobbed comments at the program, and the from what i can tell the same cast of characters respond

    was this something he brought to someone's attention and nothing was done? did he wake up and remember this? what is the impetus now for the comment?
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  4. He doesn't come out and say GP said this, it's kinda blurred whereas a assistant coach could have said it...............we hope.

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  5. Rappers use it fairly constantly. I don't see any of the Perpetually Indignant smashing their radios over it.

    Sounds more to me like somebody has an issue, and is using twatter to get his petty revenge.
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    Niko better have receipts if he’s claiming GP said that.

    Edit: he doesn’t. Just a whiny [ hundin] with an axe to grind like we all suspected
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  7. Don't agree with this take at all. It is diffrent when an AA rapper uses it compared to an older white assistant football coach...
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  8. so the claim is one of the assistants said it?
  9. That was another former player's response to his tweet (since deleted).
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  10. Gary is the head of the AFCA this year, no?

    We'll see where this goes but my money is on Patterson.
  11. My [ muschi ] hurts.
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  12. I get that we are in a racially charged atmosphere right now. But good gracious, this young generation sure is thin-skinned. I'm in oldie, and you don't have enough fingers and toes to count the number of names I was called and implications throughout my lifetime. The sources were from different ages, races, Etc and it just didn't bother me that much.
  13. Using the "N" word is wrong period. No matter what context or manner used by any individual coach or musician. Please don't apologize for the rapper musician while vilifying the "white" coach. Who said the coach who said this was white? No difference. No excuses.
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  14. Among your worst takes. Good god.
  15. Ridiculous. I played for this program for 4 years and not once did I ever hear any racial slur or racially charged comment from Coach Patterson or any of the assistants or any of the staff.

    There was no racial division in my 4 years there. There was no racially charged atmosphere. Everyone got along.

    Although my last year was the Rose Bowl year I highly doubt things have changed over the last 10 years.

    This is the natural end result of all the seeds of division that are being sowed by the BLM movement, race hustlers, poverty pimps and the media. People will all of a sudden find things they didn't find racist in the past, racist now and retroactively cry racism. If you want to put a stop to BS like this, stop supporting all of these racial justice movements which are actually intended to further divide us and sow more seeds of division, not unite us. The powerful elites not just in the US but worldwide want to use the divide and conquer strategy to gain more power and control. Stop feeding into it.
  16. If he called someone that slur then there is absolutely no room for that. GP should know better and he will reap the consequences which would end up being his job unfortunately. However, the tweet says he used the word in front of his players. I have no idea the context and he should still know better than to use that word at all. Unfortunately in today's world that will be viewed in a vacuum and still might get a 20-yr head coach fired all while he has put 100s of kids towards degrees and NFL opportunities. Niko Small has a pinned tweet of him graduating from TCU. Niko created an opportunity to get a college degree for himself but GP created the opportunity to get a TCU degree.

    Instead of having a discussion with GP about any mistep from Niko's eyes he has probably already done the damage of ruining the reputation of what many believe is a genuinely good man.
  17. This smells like #FakeNews (washing my mouth out after saying that phrase). I do not believe there was a "team meeting" this morning (at least not one scheduled?).
  18. said it time and time again, but twitter and social media is nothing but straight from satan
  19. The only reply I saw to Niko's tweet was from Turpin.....

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