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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. I have a feeling this little tidbit of info will get more light soon. I saw it from a friend on facebook.
  2. NBC 5 about to do a story on it.

    Is this the outcome Dylan wanted? If not, what is? Is Dylan going to be welcomed back to the team regardless of the outcome?

    One tweet
  3. Thanks. Twitter accounts like Mandel just like to stir things up. He needs to delete his original tweet.

    edit: he has been retweeting players reactions but that still does not make his original tweet acceptable.
  4. Called it.
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    I have yet to see a player say that Dylan coaxed the word out of him. Someone is gonna have to show me proof of that beyond just whoever that guy is saying so.
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  6. Two things can be true:

    1) A white dude should never, ever say any variation of the word, even if it is “coaxed” out of him.

    2) If GP had it “coaxed” out of him, it’s not great judgment but it’s also not worth losing your mind about/going to Twitter about.
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  7. 1) NOBODY should say the word.

    2) It wasn't worth it even if he didn't "coax" it out of him.
  8. See the link. That reporter, or whatever he is, posted the tweet from a player that has since been deleted (because he felt bad about calling a teammate soft). But the quote and the old link are still there.
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  10. I'm not gonna go look for it. Post a screenshot.
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  11. Dude, I posted the dadgum link. Mandel had it on twitter for a while. Don't be lazy. You're better than that.
  12. Anyone who thinks Patterson would just use that word casually in a sentence is probably just surfing their confirmation bias, is too in love with the cultural narrative, or is a Baylor fan.
  13. Perhaps his head is still ringing from getting ear holed by Baker during pregame.
  14. KF.c had it on their facebook page. \

    quote proof.jpg
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  15. This entire ordeal reminded of this classic...

  16. I was there. Wayne and I go back. Man...that guy is as passionate abt the Frogs as they come.

    I miss football.
  17. These guys get it...

  18. None of the tweets/player comments in that thread say it was "coaxed" out of him. Sorry I'm not going down that road until I've got more than "Dylan said "what"".
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  20. yeah ... ok

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