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New 2020 Football Ticket Policy Released

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Aug 12, 2020.

  1. With his wife? Damn, man. I know that place was a wet market, but...
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  2. One positive about 25% seating is that we'll be spaced out so far from each other that you can stand whenever you want to and not be in anyone's way.
  3. I hope I get the picnic area 25% will make that look full again......and there will finally be some purple down there....
  4. Are they going to build in a "post to StubHub" option when you order?
  5. Made the decision today (after officially taking ownership of my dads season tickets) to defer the renewal to 2021. With no tailgating, that decision was even easier. I’ll watch from my couch with AC and cold beer and be content.

    someone else can enjoy attending games in my spot. I doubt we had enough points to crack into that 12k anyways.
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  6. ;)

    Dave was part of the marriage proposal too. Also walked down from Robert Carr to take some photos too after the ceremony. We’ve moved away to suburbia, but I try to go once or twice a year. It’s definitely a lot different these days, other than the urinal I once threw up in.
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  7. Thanks to Maniac for the assist in this thread. I can take the rest of the week off. haha

    To answer Dogfrog’s question, yes, you can select less than 4 and we will apply the payment for the other 2 tickets as a credit toward next season.

    One additional clarification for anyone wondering.....the max # of tix is 4 but you had to renew at least 4 to be able to select 4. In other words, you cannot renew 2 but add 2 during this temporary reallocation. You can reduce, but not add during this process.

    This new “return” feature will be a good option to help get unused tix to other TCU fans and provide a benefit to the current season ticket holder. Please understand that the credit for this type of transaction is for the ticket price only. It does not include any associated additional costs that might be required for that seat such as the scholarship seat gift or any club access donations. To put it simply, if the season ticket is $300 per seat divided by 6 games, you would receive $50 credit for each ticket “returned”. If the season ticket is $300 plus $100 scholarship gift requirement, you will only receive the $50 ticket credit.

    To receive the full ticket and donation refund options, you would need to opt-out for this year with the peace of mind that we are holding your tickets and parking for you to renew next season.

    Thanks for everyone’s continued support, patience and understanding during this extremely unusual season. Stay safe!

    Go Frogs!
  8. Will there be any restrictions put in place by the university as far as reselling goes? I could see the secondary market becoming even stronger due to the limitations in attendance. Supply and demand and all that jazz...
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  9. I've discussed this issue of refund, let it ride, or a hybrid season ticket package for 2020 with a number of my TCU brethren.

    First, we all love TCU, the school, the games, our students, and we want the best in every category.

    Second to be the best it costs money. That's why we give.

    Third, we are in the Big 12. The largest stage in the world for college football. Seven years ago we howled with glee to win the Mountain West and then to get into the Big East.

    We were happy to pay the ticket price increases.

    Now, in the middle of a crisis I read my fellow KFC members complaining about TCU wanting to keep the 2020 ticket money and roll it into the 2021 season.

    I don't get the bad attitudes toward TCU.

    TCU did not cause this pandemic.

    Our students and school are the victims here and need our financial help.

    Now is not the time to cut and run.

    TCU could come out of this as the strongest private school football program in the nation.

    We just need to stick to our guns and support our University.

    Being a selfish jerk is for Longhorn fans. They can afford it, we can't.
  10. Wanting your money back for a product you don’t receive makes one a “selfish jerk”? Lol

    I’m sure it’s great being a wealthy lawyer. However a lot of people have lost their jobs and can’t afford tickets for games they can’t go to. I’m lucky to have my “essential” job. However despite the fact that I travel around town every day putting myself and my family at risk of infection, my income keeps going down.

    Congratulations on your wealth and ability to give without suffering. A lot of people are in worse situations and are glad that TCU offered refunds.
  11. 1999

    I get it.

    I'm not saying don't ask for a refund if your family needs the money.

    I'm saying don't ask for a refund because you're mad at the pandemic, the schedule, politics, your spouse, etc.

    If you're financially able to gut it up, then let TCU apply the money to next season.
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  12. Not sure why you quoted my particular comment for this post, as it didn't really have anything to do with getting refunds, but anyway...

    I think if the future was more clear and it was reasonably safe to assume that things should more or less be back to normal by next season, I'd be a lot more incentivized to roll my payments over as a credit for next season and even donate a portion of my cost for the doubled value of priority points. However, at this point, there's no telling where we'll be come 2021... how will the big 10 and pac 12's decision to cancel impact the overall landscape of college football? Will we even be able to complete a season ourselves? Will things bounce back by next year, or will we see devastating effects for years to come?

    I respect and appreciate your willingness to support TCU through this time of unknowns, but for me, and I assume many others, the desire to possibly request a refund isn't because of any bad attitude towards TCU... it's because, despite our love for TCU, it's difficult to rationalize blindly forking over money towards something that's future existence is still very much uncertain.
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  13. I don’t think TCU has any issues with money in their pockets. I’m a normal middle class person who lives a good life style but I rather have my money now. There are plenty of rich “donors” with better seats, parking spots, etc than me who can pay the ride if they would like. Usually these are the ones that don’t even attend 1/2 the games anyways and some none at all.

    Not very fair to ask people (not saying you, just a general statement) to just fork over 2-4k because TCU needs the money.
  14. Is there a time deadline for us to make our decisions?
  15. Thanks ATO!

    A few more questions:
    • Do y'all plan to have concessions still open at the games? Will there be beer sales still?
    • Any plans to temporarily change parking policies? Maybe make lots accessible to everyone by payment on a per game, first come first serve basis? Hard to justify paying $2k for a parking spot that I can't tailgate in unless I'm wealthy and feeling extremely generous.
    • How strict will mask policy be enforced once in the stadium in our seats? Hate to be a whiny baby about this, but this could be a deal breaker for people in my party if the expectation is to sit in the blazing sun for 4 hours with a mask fully on. Seems like a much greater health risk than not wearing a mask in my socially distanced, outdoor seat. I get that TCU has to take the official stance that masks are required and that the policy will be enforced... but if I decide to take a break and pull my mask down for a few minutes, am I going to get harassed by CSC staff or a police officer?
    • How are club seats being handled? Are they part of the same seat selection process or are they being handled separately?
    • Will people still be allowed to sell unused tickets on stubhub?

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  16. One more question @atofrog , unless I missed it. Please confirm I do not need to do anything to opt-in. Will I just receive an email with my selection date and time?
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  17. Also, atofrog, this may be answered in your response to deadlines, but to be more specific, if we hold out for the seating process, will we know before that process begins if our priority points support seating availability? If not, and we find out at that time that we don’t qualify for seats, will we still have the option to opt out for full refund, or will we be locked in to prepayment toward 2021?
  18. To elaborate further with this question, can we wait and see what our priority points will get us and if we are not satisfied with the options left during the selection process can we opt out?
  19. I did not read entire thread but as I understand, I have 8 seats, I may get 4 if they get to me on reallocation. I have 3 parking spots, can I keep 1 and do something else with the other 2?
  20. One more @atofrog

    If I've never had season tickets, do I still get the 4 ticket option? Just asking.

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