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New 2020 Football Ticket Policy Released

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Aug 12, 2020.

  1. If they go out of business, it won't be because of Covid. It will be because my now 22 year old boycott finally worked. Ironic that my boycott is now as old as I was when I was falsely accused of using a fake ID.
  2. I had to do the math quickly to make sure it wasn’t me that falsely accused you. I’m safe.
  3. If they only knew how much I’ve spent on alcohol since then

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  4. We should all go in together and buy the Pub. With what we all spend on alcohol we could buy up the block.
  5. Dave had already sold to his Son in Law from what I heard, which is when they made some nice changes. The windows at the front were a nice touch.
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  6. Is that strip mall independently platted? It has to be, right? (My reasoning is that the old theater was attached to it before TCU bought it and leveled it.)
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  8. Heresy. The Pub should not have windows. Or lighting. It should be dark, cheap, and smoky. And it should still have a cigarette machine that only takes quarters.

    Windows are for West 7th fancy pants places that serve cider and chocolate coffee avocado shipnuts porter or whatever.
  9. Dave told me three years ago he probably signed his last three year lease because the rent had skyrocketed. He had to open on sundays just to make up the difference. I don’t see how that situation has improved this year.
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  10. I can tell you from recent experience that the short span of time it takes me to snarf down two beers still results in an odorous miracle, as if I had rolled around in an ashtray. And I don't think anybody has lit up a cigarette in that joint in ten years...
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  11. That's it. Opening Game beer and a shot at the Pub. Call it.
  12. I was with you on that, but on game days the last few years, it really bought in some, um, nice traffic.

    There is still too much smoke soaked into the place to ever feel fancy pants, plus the bathrooms remain unchanged. Haha.
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  13. Those bathrooms have never been cleaned other than a mop to a small percentage of the floor occasionally. Covid may have originated from behind that men’s room toilet.
  14. COVID? Yeesh, man. More like Ebola...
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  15. The mop water was 75 percent penicillin.
  16. Are we sure COVID started in China?
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  17. Met my wife and the mother of my two daughters at The Pub.

    Can't wait until they're older and I can tell them the story of how their parents met on a Wednesday when doubles were the price of a single and then made out that night at the Whataburger on Berry.
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  18. [​IMG]
  19. That fake Nebraska ID got me in a bind, they posted signage no longer accepting DLs feom Neb near the end of my first semester.....ha
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  20. I did that every Wednesday night.....
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