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New 2020 Football Ticket Policy Released

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Aug 12, 2020.

  1. Many thanks ATO.

    You have gone above and beyond on this.

    Now if I can get enough people to opt out, I might actually get my two tickets...
  2. I think you've accomplished your goal of reminding everyone on here how well off you are financially. Probably time to drop this particular topic.
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  3. @atofrog

    Has the school formed a plan to increase capacity during the season, once the end of September rolls around and we do not see a spike in cases from schools and sports being back in business? Will there be another "re-seating" midway through the season?
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  4. My wife, the accountant who gives me grief about all my TCU purchases:

    "Well, it's a sunk cost since we already spent the money so just donate to the Frog Club and we'll double our priority points."

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  5. Better get that one in writing and notarized.
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    you do realize you are about to get hit with the mother of all quid pro quos
  7. :)
    I think you should have paid more attention in class while at TCU:)
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    Your $90M comment was sourced from TCU360 regarding TCU’s total estimated university covid shortfall in a discussion about football ticket payment. As for the loyalty part, you seem to be assuming those who take a full refund this year won’t buy their season tickets next year. Roughly 75% of our fans won’t have access this year and would gladly pay to be there with you. If you don’t have access this year, taking a refund amounts to a delayed payment only, because those who pay forward this year will not be paying next year.
  9. I don't even know how to respond to your illogical argument.

    Obviously you don't understand cash flow or the fact that I never said the $90m was limited to the football program.

    Like any bad politician or expert witness you assumed facts that are untrue to make your own erroneous conclusion to fit with your narrative.

    Yes or No,

    TCU will be better off financially if those fans who can afford to roll their season ticket money into the 2021 season?

    Hint: the answer is "yes".
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    TCU is not cash strapped. They will get their 2021 ticket money, whether it is now or in 2021. Of course there is a cash flow advantage of having part of the money now vs next year, especially if they were unable to pay their bills. TCU is not in that position. You can question the loyalty of fans if they don’t pay early but it’s not a good look. For the record I haven’t decided yet.

    By the way it is easy for you to tell everybody else to pay 2021 early because you won’t likely have that option. Assuming you will get your tickets this year. Also if hypothetically 75% of season ticket holders paid 2021 early, TCU better be careful with it because come 2021, TCU would have a 2021 ticket revenue shortfall of 75% at that time. Cash flow can be a [ hundin] if not managed carefully.
  11. Speaking of social distance seating, will my seats all be together and then some amount of distance between for the next person, assuming I am getting seats?
    Or is each seat have an open seat or more between them?
  12. Everyone just gets a folding chair in the concourse and will just watch it on their phones.
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