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New 2020 Football Ticket Policy Released

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Aug 12, 2020.

  1. Thanks Maniac.

    So we’re working with 9,300 season tix available.

    that means it would satisfy 2,325 accounts.

    now we just need to know what you were asking, how many total accounts are there and how many seats each account has on average.

    I’ll be waiting patiently, but my original point I didn’t make clear is that some won’t be able to picks seats as the 9,300 are gobbled up, just a hunch
  2. Sounds like everyone will be given access to up to 4 seats, assuming there's still available inventory.

    But to your point, say you have 10 seats in your account, you would be able to receive a refund for the 6 seats you already paid for.
  3. We also don’t know if clubs/suites count toward the 12,000. We don’t know if club/suites count toward the 4 seats per account limit.
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  4. Other thing to consider are tickets that are reserved for guests of players and staff. I could see that taking up another 500 to 1,000 tickets.
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  5. From what I understand, the suites should not count towards total capacity, as they are considered a separate entity outside of the rest of the fans in attendance. I'm guessing club seats probably will count, but I'm not sure.

    To your other point though, many suite holders may have tickets elsewhere in the stadium, possibly still giving them access to their suite plus an additional 4 in the stadium.
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  6. I'm assuming if I opt out and get a refund once 2021 rolls around my normal seats will still be there for me to renew
  7. Think the option for some will be off campus tailgate with the porable dish. May be time to lease a Tiffin class and get a few spaces at the soon to be new TCU fan substation in the Stock Yards.
  8. Well then, I'd wear a Halloween mask and look like you.
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  9. There is the distinct possibility that there are still some people trying to figure out all the wrinkles and unforeseen issues that are popping up.
  10. Oklahoma State just announced a near-identical policy.
  11. wow, almost as if the schools and the athletic departments actually talked, shared ideas and information, and came up with a plan

    wild idea huh.....
  12. Tailgate at Alice Carlson gonna be lit AF.
  13. That sounds like math...I was promised an inside lavatory and no math.
  14. LOL - I was a little confused about whether we have the option to take less seats than four if we have a four seat account. However, I see they are also implementing a Frogs helping Frogs process whereby we can return any tickets during the season for credit toward next season, and those returned tickets will only be sold to other Frogs so I’m good with that.
  15. It’s probably unlikely they raise capacity limits from 25% but that would definitely be interesting how they would go about distributing tickets.....
  16. My assumption is that those get reserved in advance and simply reduces the ultimate inventory made available to season ticket holders.
  17. Is the ticket office providing guidance on how to safely apprise those in your group who didn't make your top 4?
  18. I don’t think the Pub is going to survive this mess. I hope I’m wrong.
  19. The only fair way to decide is a dance-off.

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