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Matt Rhule Press Conference At 4:00 PM....

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by BankerFrog, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Big of you at 5:30 to do that
  2. Our US headquarters is in NJ and has pretty much given up on getting remote-based employees to relocate there although it's in a beautiful part of the state. Any time we have an open position in Texas, Florida, Tennessee, or North Carolina, our candidate pool fills up with hundreds (not figuratively....literally) of NY/NJ/MA residents and 40-50 internal HQ-to-field transfer requests. One of our VPs said last year that he was finished having meetings in Texas because he's tired of people getting back to NJ and immediately plotting how to get to Texas. I thought he was just joking but I note with some interest that we are having a February meeting in Chicago this year instead of our usual PHX, Orlando, or DFW meeting. Maybe he wasn't kidding.
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  3. Hope he stays, because I don’t want baylor to make AWLHCGMFP an offer he couldn’t refuse. .........JUST KIDDING!!
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and scheiss baylor!!
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  4. Little Bird

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  5. Props to SicEm365 posters....took them until the 17th post of a thread to mention Briles as the potential replacement.
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  6. JKB has been pushing for the Cuse coach who was at Baylor and is the reported coach that helped Josh Gordon pass a drug test. Everyone else is saying they think it's a bad idea to get anyone with ties to the Briles teams. He think's it dumb to hold that against them since nothing can be proven.
  7. If Rhule does go to the Jets are Baylor's early signees released from their commitment
  8. Not like he needs the job. And he’s got skins to pick and chose the right scenario. Don’t think he would just take any job because the vacancies are filling up.
  9. Unless there's been a change since last year....no. The Arizona kids who signed early last year were not released from their commitment after RR was let go. Recruiting violations usually get a release as does family illness but not coaching changes. They make it pretty clear that you are signing with an institution and not a coach.
  10. Give him credit. He lived in Waco two more years than I would.
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  11. Rhule to the Jets, McCarthy to Baylor.
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  12. I believe recruits can appeal
  13. Spot on for Baylor.
  14. They absolutely can appeal. Takes weeks to adjudicate usually.

    Penalty A signee who does not attend the signing institution for at least one academic year (two semesters or three quarters) must serve one academic year in residence and will lose one season of competition in all sports upon enrollment at another NLI member institution.

    NLI First Appeal

    Before filing an appeal, the signee must first receive the institution’s release decision. If an institution determines a “No Release” decision, the student may appeal that decision to the NLI Committee no later than 30 days after an institution has denied the release request. This date is noted on the NLI Release Request under the institution’s decision. The signee will submit the NLI appeal online. The NLI appeal submission will show within the signee’s release request record. After submitting the NLI appeal, along with any uploaded supporting documents, the appeal will be received by the NLI office and the signing institution. The institution will have an opportunity to respond to the signee’s appeal. The institution’s response, along with any uploaded supporting documents, will be submitted online. Following receipt of the institution’s response, all information is reviewed by the NLI Committee for decision. The NLI appeal status will show as pending until the NLI Committee’s decision is rendered.

    NLI Second Appeal

    In the case of the NLI Committee’s denial of the signee’s first appeal, a second and final appeal opportunity is available. This second appeal must be submitted online within 30 days of the date of the first appeal decision. The second NLI appeal submission will show under the first appeal status. The signee must provide the reason for appealing with any new supporting documentation. The second appeal information is submitted online the same as the first appeal. This new information will be provided again to the signing institution for a response. The NLI Appeals Committee will be provided all documentation from the first and second appeal. The NLI Appeals Committee is a separate body from the previous NLI Committee and will conduct its own review of the information provided, including giving the student the opportunity to speak to the Committee members via telephone conference call.

    An appeal takes approximately 6-8 weeks to complete. The time frame may vary depending on the nature of the appeal.
  16. McCarthy way too smart for that.

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