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Matt Rhule Press Conference At 4:00 PM....

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by BankerFrog, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. My source says Rhule has just sent text to his staff saying he's staying at BU. Did the Jets "courtesy" of talking with them, but not going. Loves BU. Yeah.
  2. Mensa wont wait long to try the nfl.i mean he already has tx back and al!!
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  3. Rhule picks Baylor over NFL. Film at 11.
  4. Being able to pick your staff is very important...

  5. He's been there two years and nearly left after each one. Why would anyone want to sign to play at Baylor knowing their coach is trying his best to get out of that hell hole?
  6. So they didn’t offer him the job.
  7. Is your source the already-posted Ian Rappaport tweet saying the exact same thing?
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Jets hire Gase
  10. I bet it was Rhule that reached out to the Jets
  11. curious how much it will be played up by mensa and his ilk that in two off-seasons since taking the baylor job rhule has spent time interviewing for other jobs.
  12. This will hurt their recruiting next year for sure.
    And do the Dork fans even realize that this guy would be gone if the Jets would have been dumb enough to accept his terms? He was going to go if he got his staff. He did not chose baylor over the Jets. And, according to a baylor alum, the dude may be getting more money out of bu out of this???
    And then he'll turn and leave?

    bu needs to get a new coach and start over. Sorry, but I don't see integrity in a guy who would keep pulling this. bu now has a chance to set it all straight. the last of the briles players are going out the door.

    get it right and get back on a better path. those players who are there and did not do anything wrong, the younger ones, this has got to be jacking with their heads.
  13. Weird Tweet. Just gets out of a failed interview process, ready to jump ship. And when he doesn’t get the job, he runs back in the locker room looking for high fives.
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  14. Only Baylor fans would get excited about having a coach that has tried his best to leave after every season he has been in that hell hole called Waco.
  15. This guy is truly strange. Accepts the Baylor job without visiting Waco and then spends his time at Baylor trying to find another job.
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  16. I can't believe someone would want to leave Waco.
  17. Honestly, how is he a HC candidate for an NFL job??
  18. I'm not so sure it will. They'll spin it as a chance to play for an NFL caliber head coach who loves Baylor so much he didn't want the NFL job when it was offered. Recruits buy bigger loads of BS thN that all the time. I don't think this will affect their recruiting much unless it boosts it some.
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