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Matt Rhule Press Conference At 4:00 PM....

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by BankerFrog, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Could be announcing that he is a) leaving to go coach the NY Jets or b) staying at baylor.... hopefully it's option A
  2. If A, my mind will be even more blown than when Kliff got hired in AZ.
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  3. Coaches don’t have press conferences to announce they are leaving. They just leave.
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  4. He just wants to announce that he turned down another NFL team.
  5. Only the DUMB Jets would consider hiring Matt Rhule. What a frickin joke of a franchise. They’d be better off with McCarthy.
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  6. Announcing Hurts' transfer?

    Boo this man
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    i was about to say this is the jets we are talking about so nothing is off the table with them.
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  8. Ehh. Don't think I agree with this. If you're close to the program and decide to make an unexpected move to something like the NFL, I could see a press conference being appropriate. Makes a lot more sense than there being a press conference otherwise.
  9. Let's see...The Big Apple or the Lil' Toilet Bowl?

    I think he'd be a fool not to take the NYJ job.
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  10. I want him to be gone.

    Because Rhule is too likeable. I hate Baylor, but Rhule is a good guy. He deserves better than Baylor

    I want Baylor to go back to having a scumbag slimeball as a coach so I can hate hate hate hate.
  11. Do they have press conferences to announce they are staying?
  12. A self serving I’ve decided to stay at fabulous Baylor PR move would not surprise me. But who knows?
  13. That's most definitely more fun. :p
  14. in waco they have press conferences for restaurants that might open a location in the next 5 years
  15. I agree, that's odd too. But it makes more sense to me to have a press conference to try and put to bed all the rumors and announce he's committed to Baylor, yada yada yada.

    I'm sure there's been some, but it would seem really odd for Matt Rhule to have this press conference if he's leaving. I'd think it'd be the AD and the AD only.
  16. I hope he stays. We really don’t have to worry about being outcoached when we face them imo
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  17. Where are you seeing a press conference has been called?
  18. The Jets have picked someone else, so Rhule is announcing that he is not a candidate for the job.
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  19. Is it really a press conference if the only ones who show up are from the Waco Tribune Herald?
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