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Listenbee on ESPN Outside the Lines

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCURiggs, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. Kolby, you dumb darner.

    What a terrible, terrible decision you are making... a decision you’re going to regret for the rest of your life. I almost feel sorry for you.

    Also. That attorney can go EAD. Darn that exploitative doosh... preying on the young and naive. No doubt he’s the one that convinced Kolby that this was a good idea. Pisses me off.
  2. D1 college athletics would go by the dinosaur if this happens. So, it isn’t going to happen.
  3. With or without the metal plate in his pelvis.?.
  4. KL talks of injections at Alamo Bowl. Says one touched a nerve and caused his leg to go numb. The ESPN talking head says, “so you were paralyzed when the femoral “artery” was penetrated? KL: Uh, yeah, uh basically, I guess.

    So was it the nerve or the artery? They’re both stupid.
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  5. He’s so full of [ steaming pile of Orgeron ]. Loved when he was asked if he was 100%. Lawyer guy didn’t prepare him for that question. He looked liked he was asked to run something besides a go route. Hey Kolby he passed a scheissing physical at the combine before you had scheissing surgery dumbass.
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  6. Shaq catches better than KL did with two hands.
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  7. Exactly what I thought after watching this. No way you want to give TCU’s lawyers more ammo by having him make public statements unless you’re aiming for a settlement. That interview will only make TCU more confident and less likely to settle.
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  8. Very unlikely that the lawyer, maybe with associates or staff specifically tasked to prep witnesses, did not talk to Kolby at length before that interview. The legal team likely spent hours with Kolby before any demand was sent, or lawsuit filed. They have WAY too much invested in this enterprise to brush off preparing their client, and this lawyer has a history of success in high-dollar litigation.

    Take if from a person who has "woodsheded" a number of people for testimony or other public statements. Some times the person being prepared gets it. Some times the person doesn't, for a variety of reasons including hubris, pride, nervousness, or plain ole stupidity. Or difficulty trying to keep a fabricated story straight.

    Ordinarily I hope TCU undergrads leave with a degree. The thought of Kolby with a TCU bachelor's degree, if he has one, makes me wince.
  9. It’s funny to hear some of the delusional Baylor fans take on this. They seem to forget about Bryce Petty who played a week after getting concussed and played in the NFL with a plate in his NECK. And I’m not trying to point fingers at Baylor. Playing with injury in football is such a common theme. Kolby actually has one of the weakest reasons to sue. I can think of players off the top of my head, like Petty, who have more of a reason.
    Think of the can of worms this opens. Could a player sue a coach for getting injured on a “risky” play that the coach called in a game? Food for thought...
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  10. “You can’t handle the truth!”
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  11. Letting their client talk and sound like a dum-dum defies common lawyer wisdom. But unless one was in the room from the initial intake interview through what is likely a ton of client preparation, it's tough to say that Kolby's lawyer(s) did it wrong.

    Although if I was representing Kolby, I would sweat the lawsuit going south because the next lawsuit Kolby might bring could be a legal malpractice case. Or a grievance (Grrrr).
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    I think deep down KL knows he's pretty much full of it in this case. If he has a conscience, I could see where doing an interview like this and having it come off well would be a very, very difficult thing to pull off.
  13. If there is, I would be disappointed in the coaching staff.
  14. Rewatching it, that really couldn't have gone much worse for Listenbee's case. Every question he was asked, he answered poorly.

    Those questions could have been answered so much better if there actually was a case there. Why did I say I was 100%? Because I thought I could work through it and didn't want to hurt my draft stock, I didn't realize just how badly they treated my recovery until months later when I was told I needed surgery. Why did I thank the coaches and medical staff at my pro day? As you can see in my complaint, they threatened to harm my reputation with NFL teams, and I didn't want to say anything that would cause them to spread false rumors about me. I know the power that they held and that's a big part of the issue I have.

    But he didn't say any of that. Probably because it isn't true.
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  15. Must be hard coaching a [ muschi ].
  16. I don't feel sorry for KL one bit. In the end, he has to make a decision that is his alone whether to sue or not. He chose to sue, so that falls on him. He, and only he, is responsible for his actions.
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  17. I think he's conscious, alright, but not sure about a conscience.
  18. This whole thing sickens me.

    I am sure they are going to try and make GP look like satan's big brother but thankfully there is a huge line of former players who will lend testimony that he is anything but.
  19. The big point seems to be the plate in his pelvis. The timeline is laid out in the lawsuit. It says Kolby got the plate in December of 2016. This is a YEAR after the last time he put on a TCU jersey for the Alamo Bowl game.

    In that year he was drafted (something only 1.6% of NCAA football players achieve) and got paid $541,631. You'd think he'd be appreciative of that. I could've done with a half a mil head start before I started my career.
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  20. Not so sure about the consciousness. If his femoral artery was penetrated at the Alamo Bowl and he went back out to play, he died in San Antonio.
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