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Kyler Murray signs with A's, will QB Sooners this fall

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. Perfect timing as we are going to get to see Kyler play a near NFL defense in a couple of weeks..We’ll see how he holds up
  2. Yep. And Vick was a total freak of an athlete. The all time leading rusher as a QB. An absolute burner with insane quickness and escapability. I don’t see Murray being able to do that in the league.
  3. Liked for Leon Clay. First QB I watched play at TCU.
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    I think you were told wrong about Elway

    Thirty years after John Elway played his one and only season of minor league baseball for the Oneonta Yankees in 1982, his manager still recalls the way the future Hall of Fame quarterback would make baserunners pay for challenging his arm.
    Ken Berry, a former Gold Glove outfielder who managed Oneonta that season, remembers one throw in particular.

    “Ball went to the fence in right field, and it was a pretty deep right field, and the guy was trying for a triple,” Berry says. “And [Elway] picked the ball up and turned, took just a short crow hop and threw it all the way in the air right to the third baseman. The ball got there about 20 feet before the guy did. It was the kind of throw you see guys make when they charge the ball, and they’ve got their feet going underneath them, and they really drive off and release it, and it’s on a line and very accurate.

    “Well this, he just picked it up and turned and threw it. So I knew I was looking at something special.”
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  6. All that sounds great ......... but I still don’t see the words “I’m done with football”.
  7. Not sure why Kyler would go back to OU and play in an offense that will replace around 6 starters
  8. Gives him a chance to see how year one of baseball goes before fully committing to play football professionally???
  9. A’s expecting him to enter NFL draft.
  10. Welp, sucks for money ball.

    Will be interesting to see what kind of grade he gets and where he gets drafted.
  11. Screw the A's/Go Astros!
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  12. Tom House
  13. [


  14. Caught 715.
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  15. If Murray goes football does Boras have to give back his cut? I read that the As will not get a compensatory draft pick.
  16. You guys should look into what Tom House is doing now. Hint..... it involves a football and his client list is a who’s who of the elite who throw one.

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