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Kyler Murray signs with A's, will QB Sooners this fall

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. Kyler apparently making the choice I suspected he’d make all along. I think this essentially comes down to pursuing the sport he loves the most. And don’t for a second underestimate dad’s role in all of this.
  2. I know for a fact that Childress was more than ok to see him leave just because of the dad. I played against his older brother growing up in select ball and his dad coached their team. He's a piece of work to say the least.
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  3. He’s a piece of SOMETHING for sure. ESPN just did a segment on the Cardinals trading Rosen for a huge return and taking Murray 1/1 by the way. Pure speculation at this point but very interesting considering who they just hired to be HC.
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  4. I think it will be very interesting how Kliff does. Will he adapt his offense more than Chip did or will he try to run the exact offense he did at Tech
  5. I've been wondering this too. Of his bonus I bet over half of it went to agent fees, federal, California state taxes, and it wouldn't shock me if there was a local Oakland municipal income tax also. If he has to repay the bonus, not only will Boras have to repay his cut, but what would the process be like for receiving tax credits for something like that? I'd imagine getting that from the state of California could be very ugly. Hopefully for Kyler his NFL deal can help him cover a lot of that. If he doesn't go 1st round he could find himself in a bit of a financial pickle.
  6. I’d be willing to bet Boras will get paid one way or the other. The money he might give back, Murray will then pay him with his football money
  7. if that was the discussion seen on get up that has as much basis as the idea the dems and trump decide to play nice today and end the government shut down.

    the only purpose for that was chum for viewers who think that show has value.
  8. A backup QB/return man. Strange but I guess some might give it a shot.
  9. I didn't think Boras was a football agent. I thought he only did baseball. Could be wrong on that, though.
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  10. Am I the only one wondering what everyone sees in this kid at a pro level?

    He had a phenomenal season at OU. Great. He's still 5'9, 175 in a wet towel. He's smaller than Doug Flutie! There's talk of "scheme" or whatever, but his greatest asset is his speed, which is going to be neutralized at the next level, and the thought of an NFL LB hitting that kid is frankly terrifying.

    And for baseball, he's clearly a development prospect. The idea of him being called up immediately to the bigs is baffling to me, he has major deficiencies in his game that were showing up at the college level, to say nothing of how he'd perform in the minors.

    I have to admire a kid chasing his dreams, not a sleight on him at all he seems like a nice guy, but I just don't get it. Is it all just NFL vs MLB optics that's driving this? Because I really don't see how he's "can't miss" in EITHER of the sports that he's pursuing that justifies this type of fawning behavior from either League.
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  11. Bobbleheads always draw big fan numbers these days. Just trying to cash in on the opportunity.
  12. I am going to predict he will not be on a major league team roster in either sport 5 years from now.
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  13. No, you’re not. Whatever NFL team drafts him is going to be making a big mistake IMO. I picture him standing back in those NFL pockets that close down so quickly and it just doesn’t seem like it’d work. It’s a completely different game.
  14. Somehow, I don't think "bankruptcy" will ever be in Murray's lexicon.
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  15. Put me in the camp that thinks he will do just fine in the NFL as a QB. His size didn't hinder him at the major college level behind a monstrous OL, so I don't see that being any more of an issue in the NFL. Of course the game will be faster, but his speed at the QB position will still be a lot for defenses to deal with and he throws the ball really well. The NFL is changing from an offensive standpoint, so I think he'll still be a problem for defenses.

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