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Kyler Murray signs with A's, will QB Sooners this fall

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. Interesting ...

    Sooners QB Kyler Murray Signs With Oakland Athletics

    Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray has signed a deal with the Oakland Athletics that will allow him to play football for the Sooners this season, then begin his pro baseball career with the A's organization next spring.

    Murray's contract earns him a $4.66 million signing bonus, but the team did not release other terms of his contract.

    "I think, as a staff, we just felt like Kyler was a unique talent, and it's something that you come across rarely in what we do," Oakland scouting director Eric Kubota said after the team drafted Murray. "The risk of the football was, in our opinion, outweighed by the upside on the baseball field.

    Read more at https://kfor.com/2018/06/15/sooners-qb-kyler-murray-signs-with-oakland-athletics/
  2. Interesting and dumb IMO. Dumb for A's and dumb for Sooners. And thinking about it, both of those are okay by me.
  3. How does that work? Isn't he a professional athlete at this point, even if not in the sport he is playing in college this fall?
  4. NCAA now only requires that you not earn money in/from the sport you're competing. Pretty sure the rule changed with the USA skier who became a stud football player for Colorado and had his college career interrupted by the fight with the NCAA. Was it Bloom? Too lazy to Google right now.
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  5. Yeah, I think you are right. The brother of Molly Bloom of movi fame.
  6. Are we going to pretend he’s going to go to one class this semester? I know it’s OU’s academic standards we are talking about but still
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  7. He is a scholar athlete...
  8. They better hope they have a stud oline or he will get annihilated.

    He is about as small as it gets at the QB position.
  9. Interesting. Was listening to some radio personality who knew Murray at A&M and saw him recently. Said he's put on 25-30 pounds since arriving in Norman. I realize that does nothing for height but the guy was stunned at how much he had developed. I do think that defensive coaches should zone blitz the [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] out of him and see just how serious he is about staying healthy. Might see a lot of check-downs, audibles, and early throw-away's. A few "as the whistle is blowing" shots on him might be something to consider. What I do think is this....he will be getting even more of the OU QB protection from officials.
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  10. I would think the A's have some type of clawback against that signing bonus in the event of injury. And Murray probably has insurance to back that up as well. Otherwise they're both very not smart.
  11. jeremy bloom was the colorado wr/punt returner who was also a world class mogul skier who prompted the most recent rule changes, but long before bloom you did have an exception in the ncaa rules dealing with football and baseball players

    ricky wlliams technically was a walk on at ut as he signed with the phillies out of high school. kyler's dad kevin signed with the brewers out of north dallas, played a season, and then returned to texas a&m. drew henson and chris wenke also played professional baseball and later played college football and are older than bloom so this really isn't all the uncommon. now that i think of it russell wilson also played minor league baseball while playing college football.
  12. Kyler’s dad also had a job in Dallas that he never showed up for and still got paid for
  13. do we really want to go back to this discussion about cheating in the 80's?
  14. If you’re taking about TCU, our boosters paid pennies compared to A&M
  15. not what kenneth, ronzell, gerald, and egypt said but believe as you wish

    now that i think about it i think the issue with jeremy bloom was not that he was a professional skier, but the source of the money.

    all the baseball players were getting paid by someone they had a contract with that was part of their employment. in the case of bloom the source of his income would be from sponsors and that is where the ncaa had a problem.
  16. That and compared to A&M, TCU was a 24 hour virus compared to a returning cancer. One time failure versus an endemic condition...
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  17. I will believe what I wish because yes they got paid a good amount of money but what they got paid was the same amount at the least the over half of A&M players were making. Hell just in the late 2000’s players would randomly walk in from practice and games only to find a 100 dollar bill in their locker. I will continue to believe what I wish though.
  18. having ridden in a certain navy lincoln towncar with tan vinyl roof and matching leather interior with stanley, tyrone, and which ever recruit they were squiring around town on more than one occasion believe as you wish, but we cheated our asses off in the 80's and how much was given to players by whomever in the 80's or the 2000's really has nothing to do with this thread or whether kevin played for the brewers out of high school or kyler is playing summer ball for the a's
  19. He can still compete in football but can’t be on scholarship. He has to pay out of his own pocket.

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