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FWST: TCU football is in no rush to make staff changes, despite disappointing 5-7 season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. It was a reference to Cumbie and whether he would get canned. He did not.
  2. both years actually. 2018 when coaching staffs were increased by one position glasgow moved from coaching safeties to linebackers, gonzalez moved from coaching corners to safeties, and mocking was named the cornerback coach after working as a defensive analyst for four years.

    this past off season burns stepped down from coaching receivers to an offensive analyst and malcolm kelly was hired to fill the open coaching spot
  3. Need roughly 2-3 scheme/play calling experienced coaches from outside the program to help SC overhaul the offense. Even if one of those are an analyst, I think we need to create a spot for 1-2 actual position coaches. That means in an ideal world you’d see a retirement or two as well as a bit of shuffling.
  4. You're right man, let's just waste another year because of our incompetence. Also, did you happen to see how many all conference guys we had? Not a players problem. Shut up
  5. LSU- last year goes to a NY6 bowl and the next year, completely overhauls the offense
    UT- wins the Sugar Bowl last year, 11 months later has fired nearly the entire staff after going 7-5.
    TCU- after 3 god awful years out of the last 4: WE SEE NOTHING WRONG! We love our frogs! This offense is fine! 7-5 sounds great to me! the Cheez it bowl was amazing! Our frogs show so much fight

    How is this not a cause for concern? I said all year we are too complacent- was called crazy. I cant fathom what SC would have to do to get fired at this point. Love finishing 117 in offense every year.

    We had the most guys on the all conference team, more than OU, and we finished at an impressive 5-7! Will this be mentioned at railhead? HELL NO! Just keep slicing brisket and doing the god awful riff ram chant! It's nothing short of a remarkable feat that we can have more all conference players than Oklahoma and go 5-7. Even more impressive is doing that with a 5-7 record and not a single change has been made.

    Can't wait to Scrap our way to 6-6 next year while everyone hails the improvement we've had. Pumped to get drilled by some PAC 12 team in a [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] bowl game
  6. Generally speaking, we are not a pro active staff, historically, GP is slow to change. UT is a circus atmosphere, Big Cigars run that show and we see the results, even with all that money. The offensive side of the equation has seemed to be GP's achilles heel, certainly not the defense.
  7. While I think it's a little more complicated, this take certainly isn't wrong. Very frustrating.
  8. Yea, our kicker was selected bc offense couldn't score TDs. The rest were defense/special teams correct?
  9. I bet if you just make a couple more posts about it Gary will finally see the light.
  10. Without meaningful changes/better coaching 6-6 is the ceiling for what 2020 TCU can hope for while the floor is probably 2-10. The O-Line is a hot mess, the DE position is absent from play, the interior D-Line may have big time attrition if someone declares for draft, the QB is mistake prone, and of course the WR position can't catch. Not what anyone would point to as a recipe for success. It certainly appears whatever changes are to be made will be minor and the 2020 season will probably end in yet another wet fart and fall down moment.
  11. Has there been some confirmation that NO changes will be made at OC? I understand a statement was made regarding a current coaches meeting and ways to improve for 2020, but are changes still possible around an evaluation and timed to the early signing period? Some of the conversation here seems to suggest that a final NO change decision has been made.
  12. If you yell a little louder at the TV the players will do what you want.
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  13. Glad you guys aren't in the coaches room. You know that we have an entire 10 months before the next season starts? The players might practice....dare I say...develop. We don't have to play the EXACT same players and compete against the exact same athletes on the other side of the ball.

    Some people on this board have already played next year...didn't you hear? We went 4-8. 2021 Is the next season to be played.

    I'm willing to bet you thought us joining the Big 12 was a mistake after 2013 too. Was our ceiling also 6-6 after that year?
  14. Loved TCU joining the BIG 12! That being said outside of 3 years the Frogs have struggled with their conference record. TCU also appears to be trending downward as a program and our track record the past few years for developing players, especially on offense is not good. So yes, I stand by comments unless meaningful changes are made we will run out the same tired offense, a hot mess at O-Line, WR that can't catch, and a QB who while talented is not coached up.
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  15. What are fans supposed to do except gripe on the internet? Does GP want us to call his cell phone and tell him to get his head out of his ass? I'll bet he'd love that...

    We have no power here. Choices for fans who don't have thousands of spare dollars to threaten not to give are basically two: quietly drift off and stop giving a crap, or gripe about it on our message board. As much as it seems to upset some, the gripers are actually the ones of us who care. The other sort are just empty bleachers, which Gary is going to have more and more of his new football stadium.
  16. We all care or we wouldn’t be here. The gripers are the ones who need the emotional release. Nothing more.
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  17. possibly he needs a bit of time to step back from the situation and evaluate things.

    talk to people he trusts and values their opinions and come to a decision of what needs to be done and how is that to be accomplished.

    as flyfishing frog pointed out the simplest side of that equation is to fire someone except for two things.

    first, you leave yourself with a reduced staff going into the stretch run before the first signing date and susceptible to other programs cherry picking your commits.

    i have been a part of a sales staff that knew by the start of the new year we would all be gone, but you still have to keep doing your job. not easy and there were some calls from people after the purge, but none of those who called followed me elsewhere and a large part is they choice the company and not me and the company continued after we were gone.

    second, it is very possible some of the staff gary would like to bring in to talk with an gauge their interest are still coaching and are out on the road recruiting.

    gary from the outside appears to be a few things, but i think gary seems to value the code of values i hear the older coaching friends i have talk about in that there is a right and wrong time to contact people about staff openings.

    i could be all wrong on all this, but i do suspect this situation is much akin to the old saying about a duck swimming on a pond
  18. Sure, waiting until after signing day to sit down and figure out what you’re going to do makes some sense, although I can’t imagine a coach not already knowing something like that. I was commenting on the idea of waiting until after signing day just to make the announcement.
  19. I bet you’re a riot at the company Christmas party.
  20. We need to wait and see not only who is available, also who wants to come here. If they want to come here is money good? Can they bring their staff? Will they have full control or not? This takes time to negotiate! We don’t know all available options yet let alone time to negotiate. All our coaches are working on recruiting. Should we stop recruiting to interview potential coaches?

    What if Gary let’s Cumbie run his offense his way next year?

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