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FWST: TCU football is in no rush to make staff changes, despite disappointing 5-7 season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. well that’s not a non-head coaching job.
  2. There is a difference in letting then find a new home and letting them know they wont have a job and should find a new job quickly, which is what I think you meant.
    Meach was pushed.
  3. Yeah, but over 20 years he has not seen offenses this bad and impactful to games but once or twice.
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  4. Go hire the OC who has improved USC's offense this year and has UNTs offense going.
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  5. Yeah you're right, it is bad. Baylor shuts us out in the 2nd. half of regulation at home, not good. But......remember how bad Schultz was and his short side option?
  6. Yes but he went to be the head coach - that seems pretty common evidently

    we were discussing if anyone we could think had left one staff to join another as an coordinator/assistant and announced it when their team had games left to play

    because we aren’t looking for a HC - we need an OC
  7. agreed, i referenced gene to reinforce the idea that such changes shortly after a season are rare because to do something as simple as go interview during the season is disruptive

    college football doesn't have set rules preventing assistants to interview during the season, but i remember chizik being interviewed drew more than a few raised eyebrows as texas was ranked 4th and was fighting for a spot in the bcs when he flew to ames to interview prior to the kstate game
  8. sooo, clay helton is still on the chopping block?
    That is a heck of an OC that could be available from his staff.
  9. I'm putting in my early record pick at 4-8. No change in coaching duties means no change in team moral or skills.
  10. I heard a rumor that Texas is flirting with him. By the way, no changes here.
  11. Changes will be announced after either signing day ala Bumpas's retirement in 2015.
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  12. If that's the case then one of two things is happening. Either we're selling recruits a false bill of goods in terms of who their coaches will be, or we're not making very much in the way of substantive change. I'm still expecting the latter because that's just how GP tends to be. I hope I'm wrong because that would be utterly unacceptable in my opinion.
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  14. No meaningful coaching changes + diminished talent = A somehow even more disappointing 2020 Football Season 4-8 to 2-10. Hopefully bottoming out will force change since a steady trend downward has not.
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    4-8 is not that bad because Cal and SMU are 50/50 IMO. I cannot see our receivers miraculously all of a sudden running routes and catching the passes nor the offensive line opening holes for Barlow/Foster or pass protection for Max/Baldwin. Why the change? Same coaches, same players, what's going to change for the better? Defense will be good so optimistic for 4 wins.

    Cal ?
    Prairie View W
    SMU ?
    OSU L
    WV ?
    KSt. ?
    Baylor L
    Texas ?
    TT ?
    Kansas W
    OU L
    Iowa St. ?
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  16. Without a change Gary sadly could put himself on a hot seat. However, I believe he knows changes must be made, but I don't see them until after the 1st of the year.
  17. Those of you who mentioned possible OC's on Killerfrogs etc.
    Your absolutely wasting brain power b/c no one that matters is listening to your suggestions. If you could get into the stadium, arranged 600 souls and stood under Gary's office window and chanted your idea of potential OC for hours, it would make no difference. I say again, I'm not sure Patterson will make any changes. Personally, Gary knows he needs to change some personnel BUT how do you fire your OC when... I... the head coach... told the OC what to do, what to call? Man, for me, I'd have a hard time with that. Hell. I'm the blame.
  18. Our talent won’t be diminished. I understand why YOU say it will be but as usual you’re completely full of [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ].
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