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FWST: TCU football is in no rush to make staff changes, despite disappointing 5-7 season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. He’s a troll and it’s a bad act.
  2. Well I’m not even remotely upset. Just pointing out that 1 gripe is fine. A few more of the same gripe are also fine. 2,672 gripes just makes you a whiny [ hundin].
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  3. Sounds ok in theory but I can just imagine a very quick three and out on our first series at Cal and Gary pacing around the sidelines with arms crossed, along with a short call to the offensive staff through the headset to slow the scheiss down.
  4. meh, we had 9 months to the next season after 2018 ... and it only got worse.
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  5. yeah, he would lose is [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] for sure. Get an OC that has experience running the RPO if you want to run an RPO. If not, then let sonny run his air raid and accept that you will have a loss each season, as those offenses tend to have on their best years. Either way, if he keeps Sonny and the plays called at the oddest of times continues, be willing to make a change before the season is over. At some point, GP has to protect himself.
  6. the key to me is to have an oc with experience in whatever offense gary wants him to run.

    i don't care if that is spread, 5-wide hunh, i-formation out of two tights, slot t, wishbone etc....... pick an offensive style and build from there

    the oc needs to be able to draw it up, teach, pick a staff to recruit to it and teach it, develop the players in it, and i am one who thinks play calling does matter.
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  7. I can understand GP worried that too much tempo gasses his defense as I have that same view. But football has changed so much in the past decade alone. Our defense was not that bad in 2014 and 2015. We just looked different for in conference games that were mostly track meets because the offenses were nuts. When we got to post season, even in 2016, defense looked like the beast it actually was.
    Screw squad stats. Just focus on winning. (by more than 1).
  8. agree on not having any real interest in stats such as total defense etc....

    i am open to whatever offense he wants run as long as the staff on that side of the ball know it, can teach, recruit it, etc.....i know there is long past the dead horse stage but the one thing the defensive staff have going for them is that they know that defense, can recruit it, can teach it ect...
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  9. I don't see why people get worked up over others on message boards voicing their opinion. To your point, this message board has zero power but its existence is for discussion of the program. As of today the program is in pretty rough shape; therefore, most people are going to complain. While most people on this board have no leverage to make legitimate change, I would bet most spend their hard earned money to support the program. When it is not giving back the effort and experience that you put in then it warrants contention. Mediocrity is becoming the status quo for this TCU football program. I sincerely hope GP is a lot smarter than the message board majority.
  10. Bring Meach back and let him and Cumbie do what they did before. Let Meach make key calls, or at least advise Sonny on how to do it. Folks always scream 2016 when Meach is mentioned, but that Offense was better than what we see now. My guess is the folks who had a problem with Meach coming back were not Cumbie, but maybe some of the old guys who have been in that coaches room way too long, as discussed frequently here. We are not Bama or Clemson or even OU. People can stick their heads in the sand, but the reality of it is that we are not a physical as we need to be at Oline. If we are going to rely on speed, then run a speedy offense. Of fix the fricking S&C and nutrition programs to build up.
  11. for sure. I thought the defense looked good this year. I think many of us keep some hope that Cumbie will turn it around. Then you see Reagor leave and not even mention Cumbie. So was he frustrated due to that part of it all?
    Still, if it would have been my son, he would have thanked Cumbie in his comments. Aint like Sonny has not been trying. Just sayin'
  12. Yep - give me an offense that might put it's defense in position to get torched by 61 points, but still get's you to 12-1 and a Peach Bowl victory vs. an offense that keeps your defense from giving up more than 40 but once, yet you go 5-7 and miss a bowl game.
  13. i see challenges for the offense and the defense projecting forward for 2020, but they are of different origins.

    defensively the frogs had some rough moments in the first part of the season primarily as byproduct of personnel issues at defensive end and linebacker. these came to a head in the iowa state loss and popped back up against ok state.

    since that game the defense played much better and as crazy as it might sound the ou game was actually a very good effort in how the defense responded after a bad start, how the defense gave up yards but not points over the last 3 quarters, and how they put the offense in a position to win the game.

    the biggest challenges going into 2020 for me are at defense end, the second linebacker spot, and corner. frogs must get better play in those areas based upon who is projected to return and that does include going and getting new talent

    offensively isn't so simple, there are questions about scheme, play design in the run and pass game, lack of talent development at some key positions, and questions about talent on the roster.
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  14. No interest in bringing Meacham back, and no interest in returning to the salad days of 2016, no matter how much "better" it was than the last two. I think there's a reason why he wasn't working last year.
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  15. Griping on the internet is certainly ok. I don't think Moose was objecting to that. What LawFrog is doing is just going from thread to thread saying essentially the exact same 2 or 3 things about 62 times per day. The constant repetition of the exact same bitching and moaning every day seems excessive.
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  16. lawfrog must be a fan of malcolm gladwell and gladwell's 10,000 hour rule which is simply a matter of practicing a specific task that can be accomplished with 20 hours a week for 10 years to achieve mastery of that task.

    downside is he is still in the early stages of mastery, but the plus side is the ignore feature on this site.
  17. I can't believe somebody would do that.
  18. I think the hyper pace thing was sort of a fad that has now passed. Even teams running air raid concepts how slowed some. It think people are realizing across the country that a good offense is able to get the matchups they want and win those matchups if the execute them well. For as many times as you catch a Def sleeping, you waste a play by catching your own guys sleeping.

    Tempo has its place but it needs to be used situationally, not as the backbone of your scheme.
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  19. I do think the best way to score points and move the ball vs the Alabamas, Ohio States and Clemsons out there is to go fast and get them off balance. Unfortunately, the best way to beat those teams is to shorten games. The more possessions in a game, the more it favors the better, more talented team. That's the problem with those offenses IMO. They are more for beating the inferior teams by more points than they are beating the better teams.
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  20. Fair enough.

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