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FWST: TCU football is in no rush to make staff changes, despite disappointing 5-7 season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Dec 2, 2019 at 4:48 AM.

  1. TCU football is in no rush to make staff changes, despite disappointing 5-7 season

    By Drew Davison

    University of Texas football coach Tom Herman overhauled his coaching staff Sunday, firing his defensive coordinator and demoting his offensive coordinator, among a number of changes.

    TCU coach Gary Patterson appears to be in no rush to do anything similar in Fort Worth. Instead, Patterson spent Sunday meeting with his coaching staff and discussing ways they could improve in 2020 on the heels of a disappointing 5-7 season.

    According to multiple sources, co-offensive coordinator Sonny Cumbie’s job status and role had not changed as of Sunday night.

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sport...niversity/article237947999.html#storylink=cpy
  2. The first step towards no changes.
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  3. I'll be highly critical of Gary if nothing at all changes but I'll give him more than 48 hours to make the changes. It's very possible that no official moves will be made until after the early signing day.
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  4. Gary's statement about losing two games while holding the other teams under 300 being a first, it telling. Actually Gary it is three games where we held them under 300 yards and lost. That definitely points to the offense.
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  5. Actually, the right way to do it IMO. Rather look thoughtful and deliberate before making the decision than a Herman-like desperate knee jerk look.
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  6. This is so unbelievably stupid. How many 4 Star QB's do we need to waste before we change something?
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  7. honest to god, is anyone on this website gonna tell me if we keep this staff, we are excited and optimsistic about next year? HAHA. Why are we going to torture ourselves with another year of this playcalling?????
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  8. I would usually agree with this approach as you describe but not in this situation. To my way of thinking it actually sends a message that you weren’t thoughtful and evaluating during the last 18 months or so (which is distinctly possible given the HC’s sole affinity for one side of the LOS). If it was fixable under the status quo it should have been fixed. It also starts to limit options for coaches to find other jobs so not very courteous there either.
  9. GMFP dealt with that style of management in his hungry years. I believe he made a vow to himself to never treat other coaches with such contempt. It is that style of cruel and cold dismissal that many are clamoring for, now that the Goat Horns are firmly welded to Sonny's noggin. He's the Scapegoat, and everybody wants to see him roasting on a spit.

    A few days of calm reflection and intelligent discussion is the wisest course of action. Having Sonny's crap piled up on the curb outside the Athletic Department early Friday evening was probably the choice of most, but, while satisfying, it only solves one issue.

    Sober evaluation and rational analysis are rarities in these sad times. I am glad that GMFP still has the capacity to look at things in such a way BEFORE picking up the meat axe...
  10. That’s a way to get off to a great start with new recruits. Trick them to be here and then pull the rug out from under them a week after they sign.
  11. Law, it's not just the play calling, it's the entire offense from play calling to QB development, to offensive line, to teaching receivers to get separation, to knowing how to catch a football, it's the whole scheissing system on offense.
  12. I'll keep this is mind next year at Cal when the fade doesn't work and GP is screaming in Sonny's face like a lunatic (sober and rational like).
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  13. Sonny is a key recruiter. It’s important to get through Dec 20 and keep the appearance of him staying on so we keep his recruits.

    Hopefully for his sake, GP and him would have an agreement to let him find another place to land after signing day. We get to keep the recruits he has a relationship with and he gets to land on his feet.
  14. Sobriety and rationality are for Monday meetings. Screaming like a lunatic is what one does on Saturdays.

    Besides, GMFP wasn't the only one screaming at Cumbie every time the fade was called (and not executed). There were thousands of other frustrated Frogs screaming as well.

    SCENE: A comfortable table and chairs, sitting on a shaded Central Texas porch. Cows frowsing in the distance. Cold beers at hand. Two middle-aged Frogs are listening to a game on their tablet as they try to enjoy the afternoon...

    (Estridge's dulcet tones emanating from speaker) "It's first and goal from the five..."

    H: "Here comes the fade."
    W: "How do you know?"
    H: "Honey, he always calls the fade in this situation."
    W: "Well, if he always calls it, wouldn't the other team know?"
    (HUSBAND stares at WIFE as if to say "Think it through...")
    W: "So, why would he call it then?"

    BRIAN ESTRIDGE: "Here's the snap... It's a fade to the right siiiiide... Incomplete."

    H: "Arrgh! Again! Why?!? We have not executed the fade in TWO MISERABLE YEARS! What makes that imbecile think that we're going to suddenly figure it out now?!?"
    W: "Shouldn't he call a play that they worked on in practice?"
    H: "Hell, they probably did work on that in practice! Likely to the exclusion of all the other things. You know, like blocking and tackling..."
    W: "Would you like some tequila?"
    H: "Yes. With a side of hemlock, please..."
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  15. "In No Rush"......as in never??
  16. I'm not sure signing day matters anymore. If we make changes after, the players will transfer claiming the coach they were recruited by was fired. Happens every day anymore.
  17. Herman is also looking at the calendar and getting ahead of the crowd to interview good candidates. Of which there are now some good ones.

    If Gary waits too long it could bite him.

    Or he could be stalling to do nothing.
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  18. Some are already decommitting.
  19. I never said anything about tricking anyone. You can be honest with the recruits about the upcoming changes. It's just a very busy time of year for everyone in the industry so it's not always ideal to make a lot of changes right now. That doesn't mean you CAN'T make the changes right now but it's not at all unusual to wait until January when things slow down a little bit.
  20. I know this is a crazy thought, but he may be doing things behind the scenes without telling the media.
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