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FWST: TCU football is in no rush to make staff changes, despite disappointing 5-7 season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Dec 2, 2019.

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    Fair point; optimist/pessimist maybe a better distinction. The gripers are those of us who feel like we're watching GP tragically walk his legacy toward a precipice he either hasn't spotted or doesn't know how to avoid. It's sickening. Some folks seem a lot more upbeat about the possibility of turnaround, and I sure hope they're right.
  2. I'm shocked as well. I always viewed the internet as a safe space to escape this kind of overwhelming and excessive negativity.
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  3. I’m sure he’s proud that, after 10,000 hours of practice, he’s a master debater.
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  4. There are a lot of folks both inside the TCU community and out that have real concerns over the current state of affairs for the Football Program. I don't understand the anger and lashing out at those who voice their concerns over the current sad sack state of the team. There are several red flags about TCU Football that should warrant attention and concern. Bottom line, there are some folks who believe CGP can do no wrong and has a contract for life and others who are losing faith in his ability or willingness to right the ship.
  5. You're right. Those are the only two groups of people. We all have to pick one side or the other now.
  6. Or there are folks right down the middle that think we had a bad year and trust those in charge to make the right decisions. You've literally painted the two extremes.
  7. I agree the hyper pace thing has burned out. But we did not really go all hyper speed even in 2014. Coaches had talked about how they actually slowed it down and it helped TB2 get a better feel for the game. Obviously, slowed down for that system was still pretty fast. Helped that we had "frisbee catching dogs".
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  8. I pick the side of get it turned around so he does not find himself on a hot seat. The way our defense played and got better through the year, if we had "just good" offense, we would have had 9 wins easy. Sure, the defense gave up some big plays, but that has to be expected in this confernce. You sit in base too much you get destroyed. The thing is, you expect to have an offense that can make up for a couple of big play hits by having a few of their own.

    Just hate that it is Cumbie this is happening to. Maybe GP will see something on tape and find it was a few position coaches that needed to do something different and, boom, Cumbie averages 50 per game with his system next year.
  9. The Bamas and Ohio States and especially Clemson have gotten way better at tackling in space. They use their size and speed well. Kinda like GP does on defense.
  10. Perhaps, but it seems like TCU is on a slippery slope and has trended past the bad year watermark. The Cheese Bowl season was a bad year and the Frogs followed it up with a 5-7 campaign that was even more maddening. Considering the lack of meaningful change to address the problems within the program it is fair to question the overall future of TCU Football as currently constructed. The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.
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  11. What concerns me is recruiting players based on scheme. We recruit qb’s and receivers for spread offense hurry up offense. The more plays the more you can score or go three and out quickly.

    The receivers and Qb’s are expecting big stats yards catches td’s etc. offensive lineman are recruited for pass blocking talents more than run blocking. Tight ends are just not used for pass catching in our offense even in full air raid mode.

    We can’t keep recruiting for spread air raid then trying to run slow ball control garbage like the last two years. We need to pick our style recruit for that style and stick with it. Look at what LSU did went with pro style pass more than run offense and they are killing it. I think TCU would kill it with all those five star receivers and Rogers at qb, but with our play calling and style maybe not.

    We seem to have an identity crisis as much as we have an oc problem.
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  12. Keep hearing that Sonny has not been able to run his offense. Don't know if that is the case or not but I do know that the offense we are running is undisciplined and unorganized so not in the camp that thinks Sonny can turn it around if given free reign.
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    I don’t believe you....I’ve done this for years with sports AND video games.

  14. Agree completely regardless of style there is no excuse for stupid penalties and lack of discipline.
  15. Doesn't that cause blindness?
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  16. Been on here about an hour. I'm officially depressed.
  17. not sure, but if he is an attorney it makes for a pretty consistent billables
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  18. Not me. I poured a glass of scotch at my office and am toasting the life one one of the greatest Frogs ever.
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  19. AMEN! May he rest in peace!
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  20. After seeing the updates from his birthday and the update Steel gave, I started getting down. Then, today, with the posting of his farewell message, I realized better of it. Celebrate the life. That's what I'll do.
    And when whoever is coaching offense joins GP on the stage next year to hoist the conference champ trophy, another bottle of scotch is in order to celebrate that one for Wes.
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