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FWST: TCU football is in no rush to make staff changes, despite disappointing 5-7 season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. There are a couple of weird ones in the middle, like myself.
  2. They are right......
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  4. Y'all need to learn to use the ignore feature on lawfrog. I have no idea what bitching you're referring to, and I'm better off.

    And, imagine what it'd be like if we were Tech fans and there were no championships or CCGs between the bad years.
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  5. Watching the CFP show today and was listening to the group talk about how LSU got its receivers on track after dropping passes left and right in 2018. Brought in a guy who had them doing all kinds of stuff to better catch the balls as well on how to focus on the pass coming their way. Also set out this past summer to have Burroughs throw 1,000s of passes to his receivers over the summer running every kind of route imaginable. Wonder if anyone on the TCU coaching staff saw this. (Mainly wondering if we can improve the overall passing game this coming year. It's desperately needed.)
  6. Coaches aren't allowed to coach the players in the summer. It's all up to the players to do things like that.
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  7. I read an article on the Athletic about that. Instantly thought about how badly we need to copy them regarding this
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  8. This made me chuckle pretty good.

    Hope I didn't offend anyone- just frustrating and this is a blatantly obvious that needs to be addressed. Hope y'all have a good evening
  9. Instructions and design was coming from somewhere. Maybe an offensive analyst upon instructions from Joe Brady. It's my understanding that we do a lot of 7 on 7 in the summer with no coaches but maybe an analyst. Brady is showing Cumbie the way, hope he takes it.
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    The longer this things drags out the more likely it is no changes are coming. TCU is really going to roll with this tired ass offense another year by retaining Sonny. Can’t imagine how anyone looks at the abortion that is the TCU offense and says this is fine, we are good, no changes needed.
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  12. Those rules changed a few years back.
  13. LSU has shown how making a big change in offense to a defense centric team can work wonders.
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  14. We don’t employ anyone named Sunny.
  15. The turnaround has been incredible. I guess time will tell if it’s the system or they just came upon an unbelievable QB/system match but that offense is deadly this year. Having a QB who is great at reading things, makes quick decisions and is accurate is college football nirvana. It makes everyone that is supposed to work, work.
  16. Doesn’t hurt that he’s also got three NFL WR catching passes for him, an NFL RB in the backfield, a solid TE......
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  17. No it doesn’t, and I knew that was coming. But they’ve had NFL receivers and running backs on that roster forever. Im not sure they’ve ever had a guy that could make it all work like Burrow.
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  18. I wasn’t trying to diminish Burrow in any way. Just pointing out that when you have all those weapons it’s way easier for an OC to look good.
  19. Great QB, Great WRs, and a Great scheme...Seems like the perfect storm for them.
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  20. Coach O didn’t really make a big change staff-wise - the only addition was adding Brady and he is not the OC

    the rest of the offensive staff was there already - and the OC has been there about 9 years

    what he showed is you can make a small but smart add and adjust play design strategy and calling duties - and get a big change

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