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FWST: TCU football is in no rush to make staff changes, despite disappointing 5-7 season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. Cumbie only knows about 5 routes.
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  2. I am interested in the staying power of that offense as other teams get more familiar and they have to plug a new QB into it. We blew the doors off in a similar way 2014 and over a very short window, we became very average. Not saying LSU will be come average but they will come back to earth a bit
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  3. Yeah, they would almost have to. Having Burrow, and the 3 receivers (Marshall, Jefferson, and Chase) all on the same team, wow. Very, very difficult to duplicate at that level - it's the perfect storm.
  4. But how long has the OC been the OC. I am certain it hasn't been 9 years, as they shuffled Cam Cameron into that mix a few years back.
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    bingo, ensminger has been on staff for 9 years, but only became the oc in 2018 and no one i know in coaching would call ensminger creative or say he favors a wide open offense

    additionally, mickey joseph their receiver coach came to lsu in 2017 and cregg the offensive line coach came to lsu in 2018 from 6 years in the nfl and prior experience at some fairly solid college programs.

    eddie didn't luck into this season at lsu and while he might not sound like it, a guy i know who worked with him at nichols long ago says eddie is far, far smarter than he comes across and they aren't shocked eddie made the changes.

    he blew the chance at ole miss because he wasn't ready, should have been given the usc job, and when he got his chance at lsu he knew change had to be made.
  6. He Hasn’t been the OC all that time - he was the TE or WR coach before if I recall correctly

    took over sometime after Coach O got promoted and I think was interim, then went back to another role then back to OC

    my point was a lot of people think Coach O brought in a whole staff and they also think Brady is the OC - neither of which is correct
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  7. ensminger is the oc and he does have final say on play calls, but brady is the guy who basically put this offensive scheme together and he does make a great deal of the play calls

    in regards to flipping the entire staff over at lsu i haven't read many if anyone say that on this site.

    why would ed do that when he has only been there three years, he brought tommy robinson and mickey joseph with him, and he and ensminger have known each other for quite a long time.

    he replaced jeff grimes who took the oc job at byu and then hired brady this year to address issues in the offense.
  8. Are you arguing with me for a reason or just so you can feel better about yourself?

    I am aware of what Coach O has done since he arrived - my grandson plays for him, he was a freshman the year Coach O was promoted

    that was my entire point - a lot of people around here seem to have been expecting a UT type mass firing like that is the only way to turn it around- they are missing the point that Coach O has made several small moves and really only added Brady this year, but has managed to flip the switch on their offense without bringing in an entirely new team
  9. TCU should have made minor tweaks to fix the offense last offseason. To talk about tweaking now seems a day late and a dollar short at this point imo.
  10. i know i am an [ Arschloch], but you truly must be a miserable person for all the blessings you claim to have in your life

    my point consistently on this has been that eddie didn't make recent major staff changes, because he did that in 2017 when he took over and cleared out the entire offensive staff with the exception of ensminger. if the bulk of the offensive staff has only been around for 2-3 years why would you replace them?

    additionally, you keep calling the addition of brady a small move when it has been anything but a small move. you know better than the rest of us as you have pointed out that brady basically changed not only the scheme, but the mentality of this offense and is basically the play caller with ensminger having veto power.
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  11. So you are agreeing with me but arguing and I am the miserable one?

    Ok you win

    I only have paid attention to LSU because of my grandson - so I only know since Coach O took over
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  12. Time for changes to be done. GP needs to put people around him that can do the job at hand instead of just kissing his ass. I swear, I've never seen a coach with such insecurity issues and the need for affirmation and adoration. Maybe it's little man syndrome?
  13. Baylor troll spotted.
  14. For those holding out hope for Morris, footballscoop has him talking to Malzahn about being their new OC. I am guessing that is preferable to being an analyst at TCU but who knows.
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  15. It's more likely that we are waiting until early sign period December 18-20 to announce any changes. I will be surprised if there are no changes to the staff. We need, at the very least, a passing game coordinator. Which could be a promotion for someone on staff, but likely we would need to demote/fire one of our coaches. We are already at the max number of coaches. Seeing has we have 2 coaches with the title "Defensive Line Coach" it makes sense to me to make a change there.
  16. Auburn goes 9-3 with a win over their rival Alabama and feels Morris is a good enough choice to keep the ball rolling. UT goes to Sugar Bowl, beats Georgia, and then the next year goes 7-5 and cleans house. TCU misses a bowl game after 3 consecutive years of ailing offense but everything is just fine. No changes to be made. I understand Auburn lost their OC and didn't necessarily want to make a change, but here they are looking at top talent to replace. We continue to employ an OC with absolutely zero skins of playcalling and think it is completely acceptable.
  17. not sure who internally would be a good candidate for a promotion when you consider the choices:

    anderson was a oc who gary demoted
    kelly is in his first year as a full time coach
    luper is a recruiter

    then your two offensive analysts are:

    tony savino who is a former offensive lineman who played at tcu
    rusty burns who was an oc that was demoted

    that leaves any changes coming from organic change or someone who currently isn't in the program. as you pointed out all the coaches slots are taken which means you either have more staff changes or bring in an analyst
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  18. We need to retire from within before we hire from within.
  19. Good then
  20. Well, there was a vial of insulin in the Staff refrigerator...

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