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FWST: TCU coaches, AD reduce salaries amid coronavirus pandemic

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 15, 2020.

  1. I agree that most businesses will see a return to 75% or more of their business within the next two months. However, the business I created 15 years ago services live theater and live event coordinators. I doubt my industry will see a return to anything resembling "normal" for a few years to come.
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  2. which is just another reason why it is some dumbfounding to me they aren't smart enough to not publicly complain at a time when just under 2M Texans have filed for unemployment the past two months.

    can't even imagine thinking it would be a good idea to complain about an employer in a public forum as such in good times.

    under current circumstances they ring so profoundly tone deaf it damn near borders on an embarrassment for the school
  3. Well in my experience a good portion of higher education faculty have higher than reasonable view of their own self worth within the job market.

    How many of you would be happy making $80,000+ a year with a full pension, medical, life insurance, and 4 months off each year?
  4. not so fast, i saw a comment on one of the twitter accounts that they don't get all that vacation and get this, they work 12-months a year.

    now i ask you, who with any dignity and sense of self worth would work for 80,000, pension, and medical insurance?
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  5. LOL, yeah it's a hell of a dilemma.
  6. Now I answer you: one hell of a lot of people!
  7. [ hundin]. If I was her boss she'd need a new side hustle today.

    Get a grip stupid.
  8. Right. How does Dallas police and fire attract new employees with their pension mess?
  9. Nope - oil and gas
  10. "We've started weekly movie nights with our 3 and 5 year old. What are good kids or cartoon movies to watch with them? Looking for movies without sexist or racist undertones (so most pre-1990s Disney movies are out)."

    friend sent out this tweet from a newly tenured poli sci professor at gwu. what the scheiss is wrong with the world?
  11. I wonder how they would react to actual layoffs? Academia has been shielded from market forces for the past several decades, in so far as there has been a seeming unending demand of new students for their services with an unlimited supply of money to pay for it (from the government). What happens if one of those things dries up? Say a 20% of current TCU students decide its not worth it to come back in the fall, or the government decides to stop printing money for unlimited student loans? Would a 20% reduction in faculty across the board follow suit?

    Just a hypothetical, but I think they would find out their value in the market outside of academia is way lower than what they have gotten used too.
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  12. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach...
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    my sister's ex is one of these guys who believes what he gets paid should be tied to all the various degrees, certs, etc....and relates that to say an attorney, cpa, doctor

    he would get pissed when i would mention all those other fields are dependent on bringing in an keeping clients versus being a highly educated middle management sucubus.

    we never have gotten along for some reason and i actually am looking forward to when my nephew finally gets married and i can continue being an asshoe to my sister's ex
  14. don't completely agree with this logic and i can say that i had some profs who didn't teach at all and not really sure what they did besides ramble on 2-3 times a week.

    do agree with dubaifrog and others who have talked about the bubble of higher education that just can't possibly sustain itself
  15. I work at a rival school and we were forced to do the same, we will revisit it in two years and to this point, no one has been asked to take a pay cut. To be frank, many take significant pay cuts from our respective fields to work in the academic setting. The great benefits offset the income gap.
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  16. friends of ours from church paid their sons way through undergrad and harvard law. the guy apparently is brilliant when it comes to the law and got a job with a large, prestigious firm in downtown houston

    two small problems. first, he was much more interested in work/life balance than putting in the hours asked of a young associate at such a firm.

    second, the kid literally had no clue how to bring in new clients. hell, he thought that we beneath him as his job was to be brilliant in the law.

    not saying that is your situation trf51, but in the case of this young man he now teaches law at a small law school in either kentucky and tennessee and in his case he couldn't have made more money because while he knew the law he had no interest in learning and being involved with the legal "business"
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    If you go back and watch some of those Disney originals you'll quickly pick up what they are putting down. It isn't fair to judge history by today's standards, but it also isn't wrong to call a spade a spade and accept it for what it is.
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    everything from the past isn't evil as well....mary poppins, winnie the pooh, alice in wonderland, jungle book, peter pan, pinnochio.....

    if those stories are wrong the world in the words of turkish is proper scheissed
  19. There are problems with the way higher education prepares students for the real world. And so many schools and companies that do a lazy job of hiring. Schools and businesses should use this current “unfortunate opportunity” to analyze the status quo.
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  20. agreed, another couple have a son who graduated from ut-austin with honors in finance and the kid wants(ed?) to be a financial planner.

    he gets hired out of school and goes to work the first few weeks and hammers through all his security tests, classes on products etc... and then on a friday afternoon the head of sales comes in. tells the class that over the weekend they need to start making a list of 100 people they can start calling on monday and pitching the firms financial planning services.

    over the weekend the kid absolutely vapor locks and has a melt down. the idea of prospecting for clients never occurred to him and he claims was never addressed in his classes.

    he is ready to never go back, but parents convince him at the least he must go to his boss on monday, explain the situation, and make a decision from there. over half his class did not show up at the firm on monday and he wasn't the only one to quit that monday.
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