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FWST: TCU coaches, AD reduce salaries amid coronavirus pandemic

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 15, 2020.

  1. 2 professors specifically from the Communications department have tweets that are still up, i'm not going to out them but should be pretty easy to search. One was mad at the article Drew wrote about the coaches taking voluntary pay cuts and quote tweeted the main Star telegram account

    Another tweeted directly at the main @TCU account, complaining about how a lack of merit raises and retirement benefit cuts TCU is paying him $XXXX less this year. Bold move to go directly at your employer online.

    Again, situation sucks for everyone. My company sent us an email last week saying they are suspending merit raises this year as well in an attempt to avoid layoffs and furloughs. I'm not happy about it, but I appreciate the honestly and understand how the decision was made. However I could only imagine the conversations that would be had with my manager if i tweeted complaints to the world instead of coming to them direct.
  2. they are free to leave.......
  3. Dallas says hold my beer.
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  5. This Poly Sci professor seems like a joy.

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  6. one would think that they would have a better sense to not discuss such a matter in such a public manner and if emily farris wants info on a side hustle trying delivering pizzas or maybe working at home depot
  7. Mine went from 0% to 0%.
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  9. And there they are.

  10. "Emily Farris, the TCU professor, also praised the decision, but says she thinks the episode shows a city council detached from the board’s anti-bias work and mission.

    “I still have concerns about how much the council knows about what’s going on on the HRC and how much they care about these issues,” she said. “I’d like to see the council take a closer look and see what are the ways that they can empower the Human Relations Commission and make sure the right people are on these boards and commissions in the future.”"

    ahh the old "free speech for me, but not for thee" line of thinking. Better make sure everyone falls in line or else get them out of there, hope this never comes back to bite her...
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  11. worked for multiple companies that monitored employees facebook, linkedin, twitter etc....one big reason i don't have any of that and haven't for quite some time
  12. similar to making comments about the fiscal decisions of an employer she very well knows won't publicly discuss their finances
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  13. My income went down about $20,000 per year

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  14. Most people with an ounce of pride would never bellyache publicly about their benefits. Especially during a time with 20% unemployment. Either move on or shut up.
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  15. Plenty of hard breaks for Chip.

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    Higher acceptance rate may help avoid that.
  17. Good luck finding a side hustle Emily. My side business went from selling millions a month to ZERO in 3 weeks flat. But hey, you can leave your Ivory tower and work at a local Community College like me if you don’t like your current employer.
  18. It will get a little worse for a short period of time but then probably return to normal, at least that was the consensus yesterday with a outing with the "good ole boys" who have been very financially successful. Case in point, one of my boys is a const. supt. for a construction company that does contract work with the city of Houston. Beginning June 1st., 25% salary cut and 90 days later another 25%. TCU profs, quit bitching.
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