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FWST: TCU coaches, AD reduce salaries amid coronavirus pandemic

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 15, 2020.

  1. Will confirm. This isn’t about the fall and whether or not we play football. It’s about the money that’s already been lost/they know will be lost.
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  2. Yes and no. TCU pays under-market salaries in most roles. Have had to compete for industry professionals against state pension/retirement plans. With the demise of most pensions and market pressures, I think the market is certainly headed away from those and corresponding large 403b contributions. Salaries will have to go up though to stay competitive.
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  3. Believe that whether college football gets played or not this fall depends more on the states reopening than anything else. Big 12 conference states Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, West Virginia already have phased re-openings underway. If college teams can get together on campus in these states and practice starting first week of July, there will be a season this fall not just for football, but for other sports too. (Those practices may not look like practices of the past, but the coaches and players will deal with it and make it work.) If a state such as California doesn't open, then that will be handled with plans being put into place as has been discussed in another thread on this site. On the other hand, yes, there's going to be some unfortunate changes that are going to occur. One example: Saw today that Bowling Green University just killed its baseball program. What's really sad is that opportunities for young men and women at colleges and universities across the land are being reduced, not just in sports but in academic areas as well.
  4. For some reason this actually bothers me more than MLBers bitching about millions.
  5. Sounds like a great American. Salud to Pappa Satis.
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  6. This would explain GP getting his own food from Buffalo Bros the other day. Last week he would have Grub Hubbed.
  7. Looking on other university web sites, I see that many are anticipating decline in enrollment this fall at 25%. Word is that if we had that big a decline in enrollment, it would cost the University more than $75 million. That's a lot of $$ to make up for.
  8. If there are no classes in-person, there is no TCU experience. Without the TCU experience, you are stupid to pay our prices. Everyone without a full-scholarship should defer and enroll in cc.
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  9. If you get accepted with a scholarship and go to CC instead, you lose the scholarship. The finances may work out worse that way—IOW you may save $ this year and cost yourself more money over years 2-4.
  10. He said without.
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  11. If you read his entire post, you’ll see he said:
  12. I was speaking more to higher ed as a whole. You are right and this has been true about TCU in the past, but I think higher ed salary realization is coming soon too.
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  13. I guess it’s on me then to interpret your words since the discussion was about full scholarships.
  14. Context of my reply seemed pretty clear but it is true that they said there would be no math.

    To be clearer, the break even point would be around a 1/5 - 1/4 scholarship.
  15. anyone who watched the online content delivered by many of the professors this year would expect them to take a big paycut...that is the ones that showed up for class to start.
  16. Seriously? Please show us an example of someone bitching about an 8% 401k match. I only wish I had 8% free money.
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  17. This alone warrants a pay cut from his respective institution.

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  18. First job I had out of college was 20% match. Unheard of. Of course I maxed it out.
  19. LA police and fire pension?

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