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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by don, May 20, 2020.

  1. Haven’t been to any of these places in at least 10 and probably even 20 years.

    edit: Just remembered we went to the Hard Rock in Munich a couple years ago. But that’s it.
  2. If there's a biker shootout and ATF standoff I'll start to worry.
  3. Time for an old timers suggestion. What about bringing back "The Drug,"? This goes back when you could say "The Drug" and mean that great eating place on the corner nearest the campus. Great cherry danish warmed up on the grill, with a cup of their five cent coffee, all you needed for breakfast. Good hamburgers, just greasy enough, but not too greasy. A grilled cheese sandwich that used real cheese. It had a counter for service, plus a few booths, and was always crowded. Goes back to the 1940's and '50s.
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  4. I actually think Chili's is pretty good. Haven't been to any of the others in 5 years or so.
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  5. it's going to be right next to J&J's Hideaway

    Hoffbrau being killed off by db landowner most grinds my gears. That has been a go-to since I was ~4 years old.
  6. We should honor the man who sacrificed himself to provide this important data. RIP.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Imagine, for you, a class that can teach you how to better prepare your bowels to take a huge dump in a Waco toilet. Or to provide ready excuses for stopping at Waco motels and using their facilities when questioned by management. Or better techniques to clog the toilets in said facilities to provide maximum damage and inconvenience to Waco and its denizens.

    That is CLE.
  9. Is Charley's hamburgers still open?

    That was my favorite burger place in Fort Worth while in school.
  10. Always two sides to every story.

    I can assure you it was not to the landlord’s benefit for Hoffbrau to leave. That’s an old building with a small footprint that will be difficult and expensive to release.

    Despite what you may see reported, everything within reason was done to keep them there. Hoffbrau eventually closed its doors because they ultimately decided they no longer wanted to be at that location.
  11. Unless you know the details of the situation, the fact that it's an old building makes no difference. It's very, very likely that building will be razed anyway. And also very possible that it was a ground lease and Hoffbrau built and paid for the building themselves.

    In any event, that area has appreciated in value substantially since Hoffbrau went in there, very likely they were paying far below market rent (and had already exercised multiple extension options that were in the original lease) and the landlord was basically hoping they'd leave so they could re-lease it for what it's worth.
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  12. Everything on the Applebee’s column should be the trash can...
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    Same for me. Regarding the Hard Rock, the food is an afterthought. I go mainly to view the memorabilia...but it's been awhile since I went to one.
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  14. I'm very familiar with the situation. Every single one of your listed assumptions (while not unreasonable to assume) is completely incorrect.

    Probably not my place to share anything else on here. But there's much more to the story than it being a mean, greedy landlord that kicked poor ol' Hoffbrau to the curb.
  15. Looking forward to seeing Wex argue this for a few months.
  16. Fair enough, I believe you. Every situation is different.

    Not sure what your last sentence means, I never implied that. Nor would I ever imply that a landlord unwilling to negotiate with a tenant is "mean" and "greedy". It's business. Landlords are getting their asses kicked everywhere right now, just like everyone else.
  17. An argument between the two most long winded posters on here......that’s a hard pass for me.
  18. Maniac is a Hofbrau +4 insider.
  19. Sorry. Last sentence wasn't necessarily directed at you. I've just seen that become the primary narrative that's been going around town, and one that has been expressed on this board a number of times.

    And you're spot on. A lot less sympathy going around for landlords that are losing their asses too right now. Many tenants, for right or wrong, are attempting to take advantage of Covid-19 by re-negotiating into long term sweetheart deals that excessively benefit them relative to the hopefully short term pain this pandemic has caused.
  20. RE: the Hoffbrau operators straight not wanting a location on University and the Trinity River.

    I concede it's the landlord entity's responsibility to get the most out of its assets, just a shame to see old familiar haunts die off.
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