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Fred's at TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by don, May 20, 2020.

  1. The corporations couldn't have scripted this any better. Their local/small business competition is getting killed off without the mega corporations even having to lift a finger. All that will be left standing are mega corps.

    I wonder what the "DOWN WITH CORPORATIONS" left thinks of this
  2. The same thing they think about branded, high dollar Remdesivir being COVID salvation because the Fauci says it while summarily rejecting generic cheap as dirt HQ because Trump is bullish on it.
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  3. I’m looking forward to the day when my only option for buying anything is WalCostMazon.
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  5. Huge bummer...Back when I lived in FW, I smashed a lot of schooners at Fred’s. Even went on a chartered fishing trip down to coast with Terry and a group. We caught them and he cooked them..Good times
  6. Welcome to Costco, I love you
  7. Welcome to WalCostMazon. I love you.
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    We needed to take precautions and isolate those that were highly vulnerable but could have been less heavy handed in dealing with it in hindsight.

    Basically, we amputated a foot for a hangnail. So, we have no choice but to move on and learn from it. What is done, is done. What I find puzzling, that there is a portion of society that the foot wasn’t enough for them, they want the whole leg amputated.
  9. I would sacrifice all of humanity to have a FredBurger circa 1994, with fries, extra mayo and make sure my table has plenty of sirracha sauce. I had never heard of the rooster labeled red sauce until Fred's.
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  11. Is the other Fred’s still open over off west 7th? I never went to the bluebonnet one.
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  12. For now. Until it becomes an Olive Garden.
  13. eight speaks only in gif today
  14. I mean salad and breadsticks lunch special is popping.
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  15. Is Hoffbrau on University going to reopen?
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  18. Ditto, but sub Jon's for me. RIP Jon...
  19. That was me underneath there, until Tyler Durden showed up ....

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