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Fred's at TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by don, May 20, 2020.

  1. Plain to see you've bought the lie. Worth it to see a good business go under? Sad!
  2. Nice
  3. As a Grandy’s perhaps....one can always hope.
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  4. Nope. That’s still you under there. But it is amusing that you apparently think of TD as your savior.
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  5. That was asleep003 under there until Tyler durden showed up...
  6. You just can't have any fun ... can you. ?.
  7. There was a lot of Walmart hate for a long time as they went into cities across the country and basically shut businesses down.

    The impact that Amazon has had and will have will be significantly greater than the damage Walmart will ever do. But Amazon makes things so easy, people seemingly overlook it.
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  8. What is a CLE?
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  9. Have you been living under a rock for the past 2 months? Have you not seen any TV commercials? If you have, you'd know that WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. THESE ARE TRYING TIMES, BUT TOGETHER, WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS. AND THESE COMPANIES, ARE HERE FOR ME.

    Who cares if Fred's is going under? I've seen 50+ Amazon, Apple and Google commercials amongst others with somber music playing in the background letting me know they are here for me. And if they are here for me, they are here for Fred's.
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  10. Pretty sure that was sarcasm on his part. I think he was speaking as if he was Dyler Türden.
  11. Check the batteries on the sarcasm alarm. It's LVH.
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  12. Continuing legal education.
  13. Maybe Tim Love will buy the location, serve [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ty food and put a UT flag in the window....
  14. Can we get a running list going?
    Fred’s by TCU
    Hoffbrau by TCU
    Cork & Pig off 7th
    Bird Cafe downtown
  15. You were doing pretty good on your arguments until you actually said, "Who cares if Fred's is going under?" Not one thought about the cooks and the suppliers and the serving persons who who down with Fred? Surprised that you would say this.
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  16. I see what you’re doing there. Bravo!
  17. I thought Hoffbrau bought Fred’s a while back? Assumed this when Hoffbrau announced their closure.
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  18. It’s because the owner of Amazon is on the the side that does not receive criticism. He pays his dues so he doesn’t get anything but love. His negatives are only blips on the media radar.
    Not only was Wal Mart terrible for killing mom and pop but they were extra terrible for no union. Amazon has done both to a greater extent.
    I’m the kinda guy that will pay a little extra to keep mom and pop in business, and the Walmartians creep me out.
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  19. No
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  20. If its sarcasm, its not so subtle. He's walking a fine line. I'll wait and see how he progresses before I'm surer
    Who's Tyler Durden?

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