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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by don, May 20, 2020.

  1. Apparently there’s one in Granbury that appears to be doing quite well. Didn’t realize the vegan market down there was so strong.
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  2. They need to plant a flagship restaurant/bar in the center island as a draw. No one uses that park.
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. Granbury? [​IMG]
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  5. Once people taste their broccoli tacos, two weeks may be optimistic.
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  6. Used to live over there and if I remember correctly when the land was originally given to the city it could only be used for a park. Forever set in stone. Nothing can be built on it. I have been clamoring for a restaurant on it for 20 years.
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  7. Was there in '85... don't order a tequila sunrise, they just put pineapple in a long island iced tea. Got the t-shirt and all but then I had kids at it got used as an emergency towel.
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  8. I think I’d probably have a wreck if I saw people just hanging out on the “park” at the circle...
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  9. Apparently you never frequented the Qui Lounge and had quiet conversations in that park with residents of Colby, et al.
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    I ate there a lot in college. It was walking distance from my apartment. It’s where I developed the concept of saving the crusts of your pizza for later. It’s like getting free breadsticks.

    Patent pending.
  11. Mr. Gatti’s was THE pizza spot in my hood growing up. Every Sunday after church. Every little league team party. Also the most common off campus lunch spot senior year. I miss it an awful lot.
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  12. I’ve actually been to one of these is San Francisco. Enchiladas with cashew cheese is a hard sell.
  13. Never struck me as exactly safe. Re Oui, was more of a pub guy myself. Polaroids are still on the wall.
  14. Dr. Hinkle says hi
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  15. This aint 2005. Woof.
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  16. Granbury is so weird.
  17. There are only two locations left in DFW. I didn’t realize it slowly disappeared.
  18. There was one on north Tarrant in NRH not terribly far from us, but it closed about a year ago. It’s ok, though. We have Bosses, so all is well.
  19. I have not had Bosses but heard good things. I guess I’ll need to make the effort at some point.
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  20. Pizza bones are a long standing dietary staple.

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