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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Frog45, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Glad so many had good experiences with the fans up there. It sounds like the Hog fans I saw in FW last year were the exception, not the rule. I was ready to lump them in with Wisconsin.
  2. Sorry, but who really cares about the suites and clubs? Most fans never experience that setting. From what I'm reading, the stadium as a whole needs to get its shart together.

    In my experience (last year), Arky road fans suck huge huevos. That is my lone experience with Arky fans being a Frog fan. I never went to college football games as a child and I started my college career as a Red Raider in 1990. I was one of those arseholes at the time, so there's that. Still, the hog fans here last season were terrible. They brought out the Red Raider in me. I expected to see much worse reviews of hog fans in this thread than what I read.
  3. Right, you just didn't say enough good things about it!
  4. The Hog fans around the upper level TCU sections started an "SEC" chant after they hit a good play that got them inside our 10. They then proceeded to crap the bed and donk that 20ish yard FG off the upright. I couldn't help but get the SEC chant started again after Sewo bulldozed his way into the end zone on that last TD.

    I encourage you all to punch any TCU fan in the face if they ever start a "Big XII" chant during one of our games.
  5. I was pleasantly surprised with their fans. We literally didn't encounter one idiot over the weekend, although a few of my friends found a couple. They were very hospitable.
  6. Maybe that's the difference between road and home fans? I couldn't imagine going to Arky for a game after what I encountered here last year. I can't even imagine going back to Tech as a TCU fan now, even after being one of "them" in the past.

    I guess I'm getting soft in my older age.
  7. Except one drunk loudmouth shouting from a moving vehicle after the game, I was pleased and surprised at how nice all the Hog fans were both at the game and on Dickson Street afterward.
    We stayed in Bentonville and arrived Wednesday. That town is pretty cool. We ate at some very good restaurants, visited the museum and had a great time. Most of the people there I spoke with either didn't care about the game at all or, if they did, really had no idea what to expect from the Razorbacks.
    I will say I didn't find the campus to be particularly attractive although there was a nice grassy, wooded area between town and the buildings. Mostly it just looked like generic big state U with a hodge podge of mostly institutional architectural design. The stadium was very shabby
  8. Good folks good time and great BBQ
  9. Every fanbase has their idiots, and we are no exception on that either.
  10. Yeah. You ought to see our fans around the opposing bullpen sometimes. Heathens.
  11. Glad you enjoyed it. Unfortunately, that hotel burned to the ground about 5 years ago.
  12. Meth lab?
  13. [​IMG]
  14. SFP
  15. He completely forgot cow tipping and cousin lusting.
  16. You can't be serious. Fayetteville's population in 2016 was less than 74,000 and was not even close to the list of America's 300 largest cities, Fort Worth's population in 2016 exceeded 850,000 and was the 16th largest city in the US. Moreover, Fort Worth is part of a much larger metro area of 7.2 million -- more than double the entire population of the whole state of Arkansas.

    And you honestly believe a rural Arkansas city with 1% of the population of Dallas-Fort Worth has roughly equivalent entertainment options on any given Saturday?

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  17. Walmart vendors :p

    We do have some very good facilities overall (Baum Stadium, Indoor Baseball Practice Facility, Tyson Indoor Track Facility, Jerry Jones Student Athlete Success Center) but I'll agree our football stadium is pretty average, though they are spending a lot of money on "cool" things like two giant video boards and standing room only areas. Bud Walton Arena is getting up there in age too.
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  18. Its apparently a far cry from what it used to be and thats good

    When I was in school, we played them in the old SWC and I went up there my freshman year for the game.

    Their fans were drunk, rude and relatively abusive. There was no such thing as checking bags or purses at the gate so there was lots of liquor, in bottles, that were thrown. On one occasion I noticed a paint can being tossed through the air at the TCU crowd.

    All in all it was a lousy experience and we lost the game to boot
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    Unfortunately, TCU's visit came in the middle of a stadium upgrade. Now, the upgrade won't cure all the "ills" mentioned here, but will greatly improve stadium 'flow' by creating a path through the new North EZ complex so that pedestrian traffic can pass in either direction, completely around the stadium. There has been through foot traffic in the SEZ since that was constructed about 15 years ago, but not on the north side. This will help things considerably.

    Also, your visit came on the first game by new food vendors. Everyone - not just TCU fans - were frustrated by the vendor's failures. There is a lot of pressure on them to get better with it - soon - and I believe that will happen (one way or another). Unfortunately, that does TCU fans (who may not see their team visit again in the next 20 years) little good.

    And, the food/vendor situation was also skewed by the fact that the best current options are available in the SEZ complex, and most of the TCU fans were seated in the North part of the stadium - and so, may never have gone over to the SEZ. Next year, the new NEZ will offer a variety of nice food/drink options that will be very close to visiting team fans. All in all, a "perfect storm" for a bad experience this year for TCU fans. I'd apologize, but it wouldn't mean much to the fans who went. It just is what it is.

    I will say that I'm proud of the stadium, and feel that once it's finished, it will be one of the better facilities in the country. And I've been to most of the SEC stadiums, and to TCU - for that matter. I did enjoy my experience in FW last year, and think you have a very nice stadium - a tremendous improvement over the old Amon Carter stadium that I visited several times over the years. However, keep in mind that it's a lot easier to have more room in the concourses when you are seating 30-35K fewer bodies in approximately the same space. Having attended dozens of games in Fayetteville, I do believe the perception of congestion was exaggerated by the poor vendor performance - slow service led to long lines the likes of which I've never seen before. Once that is ironed out - and it will be, soon - there is plenty of room to get around, even if not "spacious".

    One other thing. Though most of us (myself included) watch games in the stands and not the luxury suites, I do believe the "club" seating we have in our SEZ (and soon, in the NEZ) is outstanding. These are nice chairback seats with easy access to premium vendor option and - in come cases - a "club" area where people can sit at tables and eat while watching the game on multiple big screens located in the Club, so as not to miss any of the action. Again - most of you never got a chance to experience that part of the stadium . . . but it is very nice and a great option for many. The chairback seats are not much more expensive than the regular bench seats along the sidelines. Obviously, the Club seats are a little more - but a lot less than the suites. So, there is something to suit the taste of many different kinds of fan experiences.

    Finally, even though this is a stadium thread, I'd like to congratulate the Frogs on a well deserved win. Arkansas is my favorite team and the gap between them and #2 is a chasm. That said, TCU has always been among a small group of "other" teams that I usually pull for. I respect the way they've built their program and believe they have excellent coaching. The one silver lining, for me, about this loss is that I think TCU has been under-rated coming into this season because of last year's results. I think the Frogs have a legit shot at winning the Big 12 (though it won't be easy with the way OU is playing), and I think they have a top 10 defense.

    Wish we were going to be playing TCU in another home and home soon. Who knows? Maybe we will.
  20. Actually you are correct - tens of thousands of people didn't come to Arkansas last year from out of state to do those things - evidently per their fish and game numbers they sold well over a million hunting and fishing licenses last year with almost of them being 200k out of state. they also had the highest waterfowl harvest numbers in the entire country and outfitting contributed over $600 million to the state economy

    All larger numbers than those of attendance and revenue at U of A home games last year

    You should probably research the amount of money spent on hunting and fishing in the United States and realize it dwarfs almost every major athletic activity in the country

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