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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Frog45, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Pros:
    1. Great college town. I can see why a ton of North Texas kids go to school there. We meandered around Dickson St. after the game. Lots of bars and restaurants. We settled on the food truck park due to a less wait time and very much enjoyed the scenery around.
    2. Friendly people. I'm sure everyone encountered the resident morons (every fan base has them). However, we were greeted by nothing but kind words of from people of all ages.
    3. The I-49 drive is very scenic. I enjoyed the peace and quiet of driving over those cavernous bridges over all the trees.


    1. That stadium sucks balls. The concourses are so tiny. Waited forever in concession line for some water. How about a one off vendor walking around selling drinks? Their in-game presentation also reminded me of TCU about 15 years ago.
    2. That drive through Oklahoma to get cut across to I-40. I think God made that on like the 9th or 10th day after he rested.
    3. The hills on campus. This is a con just because I'm 34 and overweight. I can see why everyone has the motor scooters there.

    Overall, a great frog trip and another stadium crossed off the list.
  2. I've been to Arkansas for a handful of non TCU sporting events and found their typical fans to be very friendly and welcoming. I'm sure as an opposing fan it's very possible that you could encounter the stereotypical drunken redneck.
  3. I was surprised at the stadium. Peeling paint, cheap construction, very average to below average in appearance. The concessions and concourses were tiny, jammed.

    I could not believe it really given the somewhat disparaging comments from Arkie fans last year "it's an ok stadium there in FW but of course nothing like we have in Fayetteville"

    Other than size AGCS is better in every conceivable way.
  4. I can attest that the people at the actual university have been very friendly, in my experience (I've been a couple of times).
  5. They are friendly because majority seem to be from Texas or lived in Texas at some point
  6. An Arkansas guy told me that's why there are so many good looking women up there, because most of them are from TX.

    I enjoyed everything about yesterday, other than the extreme crowds all over town after the game. Great place/day, IMO.
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  7. On the other hand we just left Crystal Bridges. Absolutely stunning.
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  8. Because they didn't get in to Texas, A&M and/or didn't get into or couldn't afford TCU, SMU, Baylor.
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  9. We spend a lot of time in Arkansas. Most of it south of Fayettenam, but I have been there a bunch tool.

    We have enjoyed the whole state. It's always a good break away. UA is a great place and the town is a great game day environment. Game day at the Rock is very cool as well, and Little Rock has a lot to do, if you know what you are looking for.

    Lots of good golf, hunting and fishing there. Folks there have been pretty cool to us.
  10. And Arky offers them the in-state tuition price; that's a huge factor. IIRC, quite a few SEC schools recruit NTx high school students the same way.
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  11. As do OU and OSU. If you have a very average SAT score, they waive out of state tuition for in-state.
  13. Everything about the stadium except the actual seats was a total joke. Could not believe what a cluster it was to get in or how poorly designed the place was.

    Managed to get onto the highway in under 15 minutes though so at least getting out of town did not suck too bad.
  14. The concessions were half of ACS prices if you could get them. The souvenier cups with a picture of a photo shopped svelt Bret Bielema were hilarious. The fans were gracious and they used to be rough back in the day. How many of you were at the last 3 at Ark games (88,90, 17). Mrs. Dutch said 25 years of eating humble pie has softened them up.
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  15. The cool thing is that everybody in the state is tuned in. It is the biggest thing going on in the state.
  16. Arky fans were great, met many both before and after the game and they could not have been nicer.
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  17. They have used the term for Arkansas for years as well. Don't go all bu and think football has only existed for 11 years.

    And yes, my family is more than familiar with Bragg.
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  18. It's the only thing going on in the state.

    Quite a difference from Texas, where a very large population and many major urban areas guarantees there is almost always something exciting happening.
  19. Toughest place I ever played. Those fans were mean back in the old SWC days. Only other place that was close was Provo. Not only were they mean they were crazy. Athens, on the other hand, was great.... except Rodney Hampton and Tim Worley ran all over us.....that and the old granny that shot our team bus the finger on our way in to the stadium. Wacker laughed like hell!
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  20. A great trip! Leaving with a win always makes it better. Agree with everyone else about the concessions being absolutely horrible. We have been to many stadiums across the country over the years and this was by far the worst. Talk about leaving money on the table. Seems like everyone wanted to buy something but most chose to watch the game vs missing 2 quarters to get something at the concession stands. The fact that you are not allowed to bring an unopened water bottle in the stadium and it would take 2 quarters of waiting in line to buy one, plus the water fountains don't work, it's almost criminal.
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