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  1. ton 10% admision has sent lots of great kids to Ark and most of the other SEC schools
  2. Nice Avatar, Razor . . . I do believe I spy old D*ick Bumpas during his Razorback days (spambot wouldn't let me type D*I*C*K)
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  3. I think we might have been right next to each other, or no more than a few rows away.

    The upper level in 512 was a party. Dude 2 rows in front of us threw up during half time, so we had pretty solid views of the field for the entire 2nd half once everyone vacated the splash zone.
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  4. Haha. Yep, we were close. I was a few seats down from vomit-man, on the same row. He kept leaning on my Dad, who was directly below him, and he damn near got my parents with his vomit-shrapnel. I was the bearded fella who was directing traffic around the vom towards the end of the game.
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  5. Good times. My crew kept yelling to unsuspecting walkers or giving the simple "Aww... eww" at the end, because we're all 5.
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  6. I had no problems with the Hog fans around me last year on the east side although a few were more vocal than I'd prefer. Living in Little Rock I had expected to see a stream of cars on I-30 while driving down to the game and back. I saw very few. It led me to the conclusion that most of the Hog fans in FW last year were DFW residents...
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  7. I took a "thumbs up" picture with puke-man while he was napping and sent it to my buddies, who were sitting elsewhere. I also have a pic of someone's TCU hat (not the culprit's) that they had to abandon, since it wasn't as fortunate as my parents were in dodging his lunch.

    I think he also shat himself, btw, which was discovered when my Dad tried to help him down the stairs post-vomit. Rough outing for that gentleman.
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  8. Hah yeah, he came up to the seats high fiving us all, happy as hell and swaying hard just after kick off. I just thought "No way is he making it to the end of this game."
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  9. What an amateur.
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  10. Just got off the phone with Son of Pharm. He was thrilled with how well the Frog fans traveled. Said that it was as or more impressive than the SEC visitor crowds he sees there (and he sees them all by having to work those games). Told me that he was working in what he called "the alcohol suites" and that there were 50-60 purple-clad people in there. Was impressed. Said that he heard a lot of people talking about how surprised they were that TCU traveled so well.

    And how he tells me that his buddies are getting him a sideline pass for Stillwater.
  11. I didn't have any problem with the Hogs. Only one said to me and it was on way back to car and it was the most sad and deflated sounding call of the hogs you could imagine. Made me laugh because the dude was clearly just sad and beside himself.
  12. you are correct; putting some positive frog spin on my name
  13. I captured this guy on video.. here it is!
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  14. Or a college football game in JerryWorld. (I still think he pay pay us money fo that.)

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