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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Frog45, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Arkansas remains my favorite SEC team.
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  2. so you are a total nerd aren't you? If you think the only thing going on in a state that has some of, if not the best duck hunting in the country, some pretty good trout fishing for south of the Mason-Dixon, the Ozarks, above average deer hunting, ...

    But I am guessing you don't go outside except to walk to your car?
  3. Pretty sure he meant major events. Like a football game.
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  4. Fans were great. Seats in 511 offered a good view. Concessions were cheap, but... went down to concourse with 4 minutes left in half and got back to seat with 4 minutes left in 3rd quarter. Walked out with concession supervisor. She was embarrassed. New group servicing the concessions. Reminded me of the time TCU ran out f water. Other than that Kodiak clan enjoyed the trip.
  5. Well, except maybe in Hot Springs?
  6. Really - on a Saturday in Ft Worth during the fall - what other major events are going on besides football that they would not have in Fayetteville if we are so different? Occasionally a Rangers game ?

    The reality is there is almost as much other stuff to do in Fayetteville, Arkansas on a college football Saturday as there is in Ft Worth, Texas so he is wrong either way
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    Fayetteville was great! Beautiful scenery, pretty campus, fun college town, and the majority of their fans couldn't have been nicer or more hospitable. Had my fare share of free beer, liquor, and food offered to us at many tailgates we walked pass. Fans were very welcoming and fun to talk to.

    I share the same sentiments about the stadium though... absolute POS with concourses that were absurdly narrow and poorly laid out. l was EXTREMELY underwhelmed.

    - Two giant scoreboards that dwarfed ours. Our scoreboard is embarrassingly small. This reiterated how far behind the curve we are here. CDC needs to get our scoreboard upgraded ASAP.
    - Large lower bowl that held lots of fans and was filled to the brim with Arkansas fans.

    - Outside facade of the stadium was very dated and one of the worst I've seen in P5 football.
    - Concourses were poorly designed, poorly laid out, poorly labeled, and were honestly just a complete disaster.
    - Getting around the stadium was miserable. We walked into the stadium on the west side and it took us over half an hour to get to our seats on the upper east side due to the stadium's poor design that was unable to accommodate the kind of crowd the stadium holds.
    - Stadium attendants were completely useless.
    - Concessions were a disaster. Two fans next to me visited the concessions at the beginning of the second quarter and didn't make it back to their seats until half time was almost over. They were understandably pissed.
    - Stadium ran out of water. A first aid lady was walking around warning people about the symptoms of heat stroke and that there was no more water for sale.

    I expected the crowd to be much louder than they were. Very underwhelmed by crowd noise/intimidation factor. Granted it was hot, and they never had much to cheer about.
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  8. When they were loud it was pretty intense at field level. But they didn't have much to cheer about that is for sure.

    I hardly remember them calling the Hogs after halftime.
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    Yes, of course. Duck hunting, trout fishing, and deer hunting are such hugely popular sporting activities that tens of thousands of people personally travel to Arkansas to view duck hunting, trout fishing, and deer hunting as paying spectators first-hand, and the major sports media schedule their entire programs around broadcasting these wildly popular activities so they can goldmine the advertising mega-dollars to be earned from them.

    Is that really your argument? You're a total nerd, aren't you?
  10. If a steam bath and massage qualify as a major event in your thinking, you must find those activities far more exciting then I did. What are you holding out on us, PurplFrawg? C'mon, fess' up. You're among "friends."
  11. Had a great experience in Fayetteville and the game. I agree that the stadium was pretty bad with the small concourses.

    The only real negative experience was when my buddy received a racial slur from an Arkansas fan (female!). Her husband was mitigating the loss by asking nearby TCU people "Do you play Alabama?? LSU??"
  12. I have to agree about the concessions. We switched to a new provider this year and that was as bad as I've seen there. It doesn't usually take that long. How do you run out of water??

    One thing that's always bothered me is that you can't go all the way around the stadium from inside, but once the north endzone renovation is complete they are redoing the concourse to wrap around the entire stadium. It's not as bad on the lower level but the upper level is a lot smaller.

    The suites and clubs are very nice and I think it'll look a lot better once it's finished.


  13. Yes, but that is now a dump, too.
  14. What an idiot! No, but I'm sure TCU would do much better then Arkansas if we did. Considering TCU just dominated here today. Congratulations your school is a doormat for Alabama and LSU. Keep bragging about that. Also, TCU plays the team ranked directly behind Alabama as well as two teams ranked above LSU...
  15. Deep, you need to get up to speed on Hot Springs area. There is an excellent horse racing facility, Oaklawn, which also has a casino. A few miles out of town is the best golfing community in the mid west, Hot Springs Village, with 8 really good hill country championship courses at a very affordable rate. Come on by sometime. Yes, I live here.
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    Euro, I said absolutely nothing bad about Hot Springs.
  17. Let's see Fort Worth match this!
  18. Yeah, I've never understood the jock-riding/circle-jerking that goes on in the secsecsec (except for aggy, who has won every circle jerk national championship since 1876. Whoop!)
  19. I was with you all the way until this.
  20. He said "major event". None of that is considered "major".

    I've been there once, took the fam on a long weekend trip there about 16 years ago. Stayed in the historic hotel there at the north end of town, checked out the museum with dinosaurs (son was like a dinosaur savant at the time), did the tower thing, and had to 4 wheel around a downed powerline across the road after a storm. Good times.

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