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Doug Meacham returning to the staff [MOD EDIT: Now Official]

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Mavsman53, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. I like this move. Guy is a proven good coach. I also want to believe that he is a professional, and has spent the last year learning and developing. Wouldn’t be surprised if he has been sitting down in film sessions, etc with other OC types in programs where he has relationships across the country. Coaches grow and learn. Some want the young new flashy guru and don’t think an old dog can hunt.
  2. i haven't been one to ask for a joe brady type hire.

    what i have been consistent is asking for someone with new ideas, a new approach, and i have been one who is in favor of kill coming onto staff for the things he can bring to the table to augment the offense.

    possible meacham has been talking and exchanging ideas with his peers. the one concern in his background is that he since his time of ok state he has basically been with programs that run variations of the same offense and that isn't a great pathway to new ideas.

    maybe he has taken a different path in something similar to riley at ou.

    country frog hit the nail on the head in that the frustration for at least in my case is not if doug is a capable position coach, but it would seem the hire is only for a position coach and not someone bringing new ideas to an offense that desperately needs evolution
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  3. Where did I say he didn’t do a good job?
  4. Does he have Frog Factor?
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  5. So we can never be good again because there will never be another Boykin/Doctson combo?
  6. no, but the hope is that you build an offensive system that doesn't require that level of ability to be good again.
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  7. I came to this conclusion last evening on another post. Heaven forbid any PAY sites dictate information to the rest of us peons. I had to read between the lines like others did. I've stated my peace.
    Glad Meacham is back! Missing out on Bowl games will humble egos and hopefully focus on the big picture. Winning Big 12 and a Bowl game and National Championship! Go Frogs!
  8. Oh scheiss. Is it April 1 and I’ve lost a couple months?
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  9. I've seen rumors posted, but were there ever any articles about him doing any of that?
  10. We win at least 10 games next year.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. I think folks are excited about the prospect of having a coach who can develop players. Reports are about a running backs coach, etc., however.
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    He is not a strong general and warbles on decisions in critical moments, combine that with being hard headed and it all fits together. Don't think it was that way ten or so years ago.

    Gary is not a quitter for sure and I'm sure he's helped put himself into a stretched out stressful mess. But I will say a stronger leader would not allowed the last three years or so. All of this when thousands of Joe's put money into the program and created OUTSTANDING facilities. I'm anxious to see (if any) some personnel decisions have or have not been made other than Lupe, Chris and Meach. All of these opportunities when you really like the guy.
  14. Meach always stressed keeping it simple and execution. I heard he came into OC offices and talked about what a cluster the playbook was when he was hired, asking what is all that crap on the walls.


    Doug Meacham


    Dec 24, 2019

    Merry Christmas to all the air raid coaches out there. Less is more. Any idiot can complicate it. There’s genius in keeping it simple! Hats off to Hal Mumme, Mike Leach for never changing and believing in what everyone else overthinks and destroys!
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  15. Most likely Meach is a better coach today. He can think up some wild stuff that's for sure. Still remember Mississippi State game and the timing of it all. But it worked that day and it was fun.
  16. as mentioned before, jimmy lake has loved that mike leach hasn't changed his offense since coming to wazzu.
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  17. Positive: DM presumably knows all of our signs so learning curve is short.

    On Second Thought: Everyone knows all of our signs anyway.
  18. An eerie sense of.......been there, done that.
  20. never got the appeal of the show.

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