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Doug Meacham returning to the staff [MOD EDIT: Now Official]

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Mavsman53, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. You can teach people to play better, you just can't teach them the talent to go all with it.
  2. I assume all of you complaining about Anderson realize he was gonna be on our staff either way. I get people don’t want him coaching OL, but either way GP does it we’re adding 2 new coaches to the staff.
  3. So I'll say it again.

    What do you suggest we do?
  4. i can see how in the grand scheme of things the offensive rankings of the frogs 2016 offense is a trivial matter.

    especially since an offensive position coach would never be involved in preparing game plans and they only focus on teaching the skills of their specific position
  5. i don't know who is interested don't know who they have contacted, don't know the budget for the position, don't know what gary and/or sonny want at the position.

    what i would like to see is someone who can teach the position, recruit, and preferably someone who can be effective in game planning and design of the passing game.
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  6. With all this OL bickering ... we have to remember in 2016 that Anderson didn't have anyone holding his hand, as the OL coach(ie Oliver). That's why he was replaced !!!!!
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  7. not upset, disappointed gary is going down the same rabbit hole.

    you truly believe meacham won't have any input in the offensive scheme? any input in game planning?
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  8. referring to?
  9. Just as all coaches do, sure. Whatever you think of his play calling, he’s a great receivers coach and recruiter. Is your plan to hire a receivers coach for his great play-calling ability and hope he can recruit and coach receivers?
  10. The offensive line lack the talent that we had before. Of course 4 to the NFL is exceptional talent.
  11. Similar to 247 story from ST


    Despite report Doug Meacham is returning, TCU football hasn’t made any hires

    TCU coach Gary Patterson has not made any staff hires as of Thursday afternoon.

    In responding to a report that Doug Meacham would be rejoining his staff, Patterson simply said: “No one hired yet.”

    Football Scoop reported that Meacham would be returning to the program earlier Thursday.


    A few names being circulated as possible candidates to join TCU’s staff include Meacham, Illinois wide receiver coach and TCU alum Andrew Hayes-Stoker, Central Florida wide receivers coach Darrell Wyatt, William & Mary’s offensive coordinator Brennan Marion and Louisiana running backs coach Jabbar Juluke, among several others.

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  12. what i would love to see is tcu hire someone to coach receivers who can recruit, teach the position, and help implement a better passing game than what we have seen and not a repeat of the same mike leach passing tree.
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  13. i am confused now.
  14. Was there that much of a change in TCU's offensive talent from 2013 to 2014? Or LSU's talent from 2018 to 2019? Does Oklahoma State consistently have significantly more talent on offense than TCU? Talent is extremely important, but it's not the only thing.

    I do think TCU had some talent limitations the past two years (Robinson couldn't make reads, Duggan had to play before he was ready because Delton was terrible), but I think TCU's offense underachieved relative to talent the past two years (really they have since 2016).
  15. Well, take heart. The inside receivers coach doesn’t dictate the routes. And Meach is as good as we’ll find at the other stuff.
  16. why not?

    very possible to have a passing game co-ordinator and an oc working in tandem as it is done elsewhere.

    you either evolve what you are doing or you fail and when you look at the tcu offense since they have joined the big 12 aside from a 2-year window when you had an nfl caliber quarterback throwing to an nfl caliber receiver the frogs have struggled to effectively throw the football.
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  17. GP hated 2016.....Only 12 defenses in the ENTIRE country had to face more plays than his. That drove him up the wall and was what fueled the scheme change in 2017. That 2016 defense ended up finishing as one of the worst of the Patterson era. What does that have to do with Meachum? Well GP blamed it on the offenses inability to sustain drives and that it played so fast that his defense often got less than 2 min of rest between series.

    This move with DM doesn't hurt us. I'm sure Meachum has the ability to teach our brick handed WRs to catch a ball or run a college level route for which all of them struggle. He should be an upgrade as WR coach. Lord knows we need it.

    Even still, if we are being honest, I just happen to think we could have done a lot better. I'm not a fan of the move because I think this offense needs new blood, new innovation, a new since of hope and identity. There's nothing new at all about Meachum. Even if he has flat zero to do with the offense scheme, his hire still represents more of the same. An ode to the past. Oh well...Lets see if happens and who the last hire will be.
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  18. Also remember Oliver left coaching.
  19. What specifically does that have to do with whether he did a good job when he was here?

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