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DMN: Patterson updates QB competition, says Frogs 'in better position than we were a year ago'

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. JR was considered the #3 dual threat in the nation..He was known for his wheels every bit as much as his arm.
  2. Good question. He was a dual threat guy in HS but that's a different deal altogether. Even without the injury, it's hard to envision a guy his size running around like Boykin or Hill. Vince Young was uniquely athletic at a similar size but even that appeared to be more instinct and speed than darting and dodging.

    If I hear that the main attribute that determined the starting QB is who can run around the best, then I'm giving up hope that Cumbie is going to figure it out. There are too many spread teams playing pitch and catch for us not to be able to put an offense together where QB runs are a bonus but not the foundation of the offense.
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  3. The last time we had a rotation was back in like '07 when Dalton would get replaced by Marcus Jackson whenever he turned the ball over. Even Shawn Robinson didn't get rotated in and out with Collins.

    GP's history has been to pick a guy and stick with him. Whoever the starter is for the opener will play at least a half unless the game is completely out of control before then.
  4. Or we may have 6 solid players at QB and CGP is pulling a full Gary on our opponents.
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  5. I think we thought we could pitch and catch last year and it turns out we pitched mostly to the other team..I think GP really just wants a guy who can keep teams off balance and get himself out of trouble when needed. We won’t win 8 games if the QB is going run it more than 6-7 times a game.
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  6. Teams are going to have to prepare for all 6
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  7. Game 1 is barely a game, but Gary always plays his starting QB the first half of tune-up games. All teams after will know what is coming. We aren’t surprising anyone.
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  8. I meant each week
  9. Each QB plays 10 minutes
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    Auburn seemed to have that big 6'5" 230 lb Heisman Trophy guy running around a few years ago.

    Collins will start the season and end as the starter, that is with good health.... while finishing in the top division of Big12 QB rankings.
  11. Obviously, Cam comes to mind there too but I consider him more of a bulldozer than a guy who was dodging around defenders. Maybe that is the last 9 or so years of NFL Cam more than the college version that was really a one season wonder.

    Collins might be the guy. Too early to say but I'll stick with my prediction from the thread at the end of last season that JR gets the most playing time this season. We'll see.
  12. Sonny did a great job with Boykin and Kenny.

    If Rogers could have completed his senior year in HS, he would have been a 5*.
    Let that sink in for a moment, TCU with a 5* QB and because he's only 95% beginning 7 on 7 summer workouts, you are going to go with Delton? Sure, Sonny can devise specific packages for Delton but the Big 12 is a QB conference - you've got to score and score in bunches.

    It would be naive to think we can roll into Norman and Delton can lay 40+ on OU with an option running game. Get that ball down field vertically, then your lanes open up for our talented RB group. The safeties MUST stay back due to Reagor. Remember what that ass at Baylor used to do to us with the deep verticals and then hammer us with their running game?
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  13. TCU coaches have had enough of the accusations by past players claiming they mishandled injuries (all appear to be [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] claims). Now we have a 5 * QB as you describe. Coaches aren’t going to make him the starter until it’s absolutely clear that 90% healed is his new 100%. Some foot drop issues never return to 100%.
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  14. The only way to keep all six quarterbacks happy is to alternate snaps.
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  15. If your statement turns out to be true, then Collins would have to be favored if deep verticals are in the game plan - it won't be with Delton.
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  16. Collins and Delton are the favorites. Baldwin is studying the playbook and may be the starter within a few weeks of the season.

    JR does not yet have the green light. We aren’t starting a freshman with this depth.

  17. The most current info. on Baldwin is that he has not been medically cleared to play yet and he has yet to file with the NCAA for a waiver to play this year.
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  18. It was in Manhattan, but he put 35 on them two years ago.
  19. Pretty much the definition of keeping your options open...
  20. 51-14, Delton didn't show up in '18. But..........that doesn't mean that good things are not coming our way, Sonny did it with Boykin and Kenny, so it's possible we see the new edition of Alex Delton and then it will be in unison, GO FROGS.

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