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DMN: Patterson updates QB competition, says Frogs 'in better position than we were a year ago'

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. If this were true, why in the world was he playing in the Spring Game?
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  2. Saw a piece a couple or 3 years ago about a "revlutionary" high school offense in California featuring 2 quarterbacks. On at least some of the plays, you never knew presnap which one would be getting the ball. Lots of misdirection, lots of double-passing, etc. At the time was said to be unstoppable.
    I think if we could play at least 4 at a time, we'd average 100 pts/game no doubt.
  3. I’ve also heard that JR just isn’t the best QB at this point, regardless of injury. It’s not like simply overcoming injury is all he needs to do... still needs to know the playbook, execute, slow the game down, etc
  4. Appeal was filed. If he pulled it, that would be news to me.
  5. If you equate the spring game to the intensity of a real game, I can’t explain it to you.
  6. Then why did he play in a real game too?
  7. We had no other choice..
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  8. Cumbie was mostly the QB coach at that time, and Meach was calling the games until he was fired. Cumbie has yet proved he is a gameday playcaller. It's almost as if he has a dart board on the wall and throws darts to call the next play. There has yet to be a game since Sonny took over as playcaller that has any offensive flow to it.

    Cumbie may be a great QB coach, but he leaves alot to be desired as a playcaller, at least up to this point. Hopefully that changes this year, but if not, he needs to be on the hot seat if he isn't already. We have way too much offensive talent to continually sputter since he has been calling the plays.
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  9. Yes we did. If they were really worried about JR. they could have run the Wild Frog for three downs.
  10. It’s been said many times hear and by GP..JRs issue is in mobility not stability. They aren’t worried about him getting hurt again or not being healed. When they say he’s only 95% they are referring to having all his mobility back. He can play right now and be fully healthy but he doesn’t yet have all his skills in his arsenal. It’s not about protecting JR as much as his mobility issue keeping him from commanding the running portion of the playbook. A pocket guy isn’t what GP wants
  11. I'm sure part if it is that Freshman have to adjust to the physical change in college ball. But I i'm guessing he'll see a fair share of snaps this year.
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  12. Definitely a prudent response.

    Sonny is a good QB coach but as of yet has not proven that he is a good OC. IMO, he has zero skins on the wall in that regard. Going with Mule in a passing offense against Cal. got me, and as proof, even as if we needed one, was Sewo and Reagor doing their thing running the ball and the offensive line coming together. 3 weeks to prepare an offense for that game. Personally I don't think he has it for OC, QB coach, yes.
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  13. Did you see the plays? JR could sit in the shotgun, take snaps, and pass all day long. That isn’t the issue. JR’s tendency is to scramble often - for years. He had that ability. With foot drop, you increase the odds of injury as you increase mobility. That’s a big risk if we unleash him in real games. I’d argue that he is not our best pocket passer. Now if he can sit in the pocket and knock over defending while standing still on a frequent basis, I change my opinion.
  14. Rivals has Casey Pachall as the #9 dual threat. So there’s that...
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  15. His #1 threat was passing.
    His #2 threat was warding off aliens with tinfoil hats.
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  16. Dual threat means that evaluators believed he was pretty damn good threat both running and passing. This whole conversation is irrelevant as GP has stated he wants a guy at QB that can run..
  17. Right, just like it means the scouts believe Rogers is a "pretty damn good threat both running and passing." The reason I posted it is that in 4 years at TCU, Pachall's rushing stats are as follows:
    135 carries
    192 yards
    1.4 YPC
    5 TDs

    That's hardly "dual-threat."
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  18. I hear you...In fairness JR was twice the athlete as Casey but your point still stands. In addition Casey played in a much different offense than we have now. The RPO game is a pretty significant part of what we do. Nobody would have thought we’d try to run Collins and yet he got plenty of called runs last year. I’d wager a fair amount of money that a good portion of Casey’s stats weren’t designed runs but scrambles. Also in 16/17 Kenny ran it 200+ times in just 2 seasons. We’ve slowly introduced the RPO ever since 2016
  19. So not only do you know JR's medical condition but you also know where he ranks on the team as a pocket passer without having seen him (or most of our other QBs) throw a pass in a game. Not only that, but you know what his tendencies have been in games for years.

    Are you JR's brother or are you Sonny Cumbie?
  20. We heard for years that he was fast, but every time he took off it looked like a wounded giraffe running from a predator.

    (The Boise two point conversion is a great example of this, where it was wide open for him but he barely squeaked in)
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